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Gift Basket's And More.: Welcome to triple-clicks.!!

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Digital Downloads & Super Gifts: Hope you make a great business with TripleClicks. Please connect back to me ; Click on the blue link at DDW.

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Elizabeth V: Welcome to tripleclicks please connect me back.

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Elizabeth V: Welcome to TripleClicks please connect back tome please.

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10/25/12 05:55 pm
Alabama's Pecans started growing early this year. Place your order in to ensure freshness and so you can make delicious home made pecan pie for the holidays


12/04/11 01:11 pm
Pecans are picked and ready to ship. LIMITED QUANTITIES so place your order NOW before they're sold out. Comes in 1LB and 5LB sizes


11/25/11 11:36 pm
Now is the time to place your order for home grown southern USA pecans in the shell. Makes a great stocking stuffer for Christmas and other holiday presents.


09/08/11 03:49 pm
Fall's right around the corner and I will be selling SHELLED PECANS straight from my back yard. Delicious southern grown here in the state of Alabama, USA so if you want any let me know now.


07/08/11 11:20 am
Tell me what you'd like to see for sale and I'll see if I have it here or if I can get it for you.


06/18/11 02:15 pm
Check out SWAMI Xpress diet software. You don't have to be overweight to use it. It'll tell you what you should and NOT eat for your blood type.


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