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09/22/14 10:50 am

Smell Good Air Fresheners/Construction Services: " Here's where the Magic happens , take a serious look in the mirror....Make a Commitment to Take Direct Action to gain Positive Direct Results for whatever it is you are working to achieve ? ,...Then share this with all your Network Family Members . When this behavior becomes your Lifestyle you have discovered the birth of ' Your Success' as it continues to grow in Abundance ! "

09/21/14 01:47 am

WGF Enterprises, Inc.: Tablets powered by powerful processors to take your office on the go. Make your life simplier.

All work and no play makes for a boring day! These tablets come with HD graphics, powerful resolution and flexibility for all your video game needs!

Apple, Blackberry, HP, Dell, Android, and more brand you know & trust!

09/19/14 01:16 pm

Smell Good Air Fresheners/Construction Services: Wishing everyone an amazing Friday !

09/14/14 10:06 pm

WGF Enterprises, Inc.: Thank you order #1066737
Order#: 1036597 & 993957 will be dropship to customer.

Customers with escrow orders receive the same priority as LocalPay. However LocalPay customers can have flexible shipping arrangements. Shop the ECA and check out Local Pay for direct to merchant payment. This cuts processing time for us and always shop WGF Enterprises, Inc. the premier electronics TC Dealer.

09/12/14 02:32 pm

Smell Good Air Fresheners/Construction Services: Happy Friday to all my Connectors..old and New, Thank you very much !

09/09/14 10:42 am

NURAHOLD NIGERIA LIMITED: We are always available to fund your Tcurrency needs at anytime. We are adequately stuffed with dollars to meet any demand.
Try us for a change. We sell at the current dollar/naira rate plus 5% service charge.
Call 08039242402 NOW.

09/08/14 12:28 am

NURAHOLD NIGERIA LIMITED: Buy Tcurrency st very reasonable rate to use to facilitate your early qualification. Buy from Nuraholdng at current ruling dollar rate and meager 5% commission. Call 08039242402 for details.

09/05/14 10:24 pm

WGF Enterprises, Inc.: Electronics, Electronics, and More Electronics! This is our business and our customers are our passion.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support. God Bless you!

09/05/14 11:28 am

Smell Good Air Fresheners/Construction Services: Wishing everyone an amazing Friday !

09/04/14 09:45 am

Smell Good Air Fresheners/Construction Services: We all have inner power. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something. Only you can determine that. Just keep moving forward in life and bring your dreams with you. Stay happy, stay humble and stay hungry. Have a blessed day everyone. ~ Tyra Love Fitness

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