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Markus K.


04/22/14 06:19 pm

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04/22/14 04:43 pm

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04/21/14 05:06 pm

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04/18/14 01:59 pm

Maree Designs: Thoughts for today. Change your mind set. I feel $30 for a standing order is a great investment. It is not about the money. I feel it is about the friendships we all make, the games we can play. The hours we are entertained. I love SFI the earnings are a great bonus. Be sure to purchase and join our Dollar Wise Network. I design your SFI training website.

04/17/14 01:13 am

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Girly Things Boutique

It is our mission to make women look, and by extension feel, great. We seek to dispel the outdated notion that a woman who expresses her femininity by dressing glam relinquishes her equality. Instead we believe that part of what makes us all unique and special as women is our femininity and we strive to uplift and empower women by providing clothes that celebrate and honor the female form. We work with literally hundreds of designers and manufacturers located in Miami, New York, LA and other fashionable locales and we choose only the best and most stylish of each of their collections to sell on our site. You'll notice that there are a lot of really unique items here that you will not see elsewhere.

Missing Jewel by Milka Ceranic

A Missing Jewel by Milka is a small jewelry business where we provide you with the "missing" piece of jewelry you need for every occasion. It is own by Milka Ceranic, a sole designer and creator of handmade, unique and original jewelry. My jewelry is made using different media such as seed beads, glass beads, wooden beads, metal, pearls, glass pearls, crystal pearls, crystals and done with different beading techniques. In every piece of my jewelry lots of soul and time is put in, and I hope you will enjoy wearing it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

RemBo Enterprises

RemBo Enterprises, a division of Yntema International which has been around since the 1980's. YI started out in The Netherlands with sales training and mobile training on the ground and in the air. We are now in the second generation and have added websites and SFI to our repertoire. Still aviation and airshow enthousiasts as seen in Also an avid Peterbilt fan - Totally devoted to SFI and selling e-books and interesting products. For quick digital delivery please add to your WHITELIST. If you are not already a member then become one: We would like to add r/c toys in the future. Remko and Bonnie

Caro's Crafts Etc.

CARO'S CRAFTS, Etc. and E-Books Clothes, shoes, home decor, hand-made crafts and more at low prices. A little something for everyone. Check for items Wanting to make money on line but shipping is too expensive? I have a large library of e-books . If there is a particular area of interest, let me know and I will see if I have any e-books in that topic. Ask me about reseller's rights and master reseller's rights. Get rid of used items around the house for cash with a free listing at Businesses can register items for free at I will show you how to earn from home. I provide support and guidance. I would be happy to work with you! Join my team

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