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A Guide To Copywriting To Promote Your Business


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AL MASHADI Digital Pro

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A Guide To Copywriting To Promote Your Business gives you a complimentary resource sure to improve your sales copy and boost your income. The 40 pages are filled with meaty information about how to structure sales copy, writing for your target market, and how to tie your sales copy into your website. When you know how to speak directly to your market, talking about what they get, your sales will increase and your profits will rise.

The Guide helps you determine benefits to your customers and what your unique selling position (USP) is. Youll also get how-tos about structuring your copy, and a useful resource guide in the back.

If you have been online for any time at all then you know that one of the most important skills (if not THE most) important is the ability to write copy. But what is copy?

Copy simply means the words you use online. These words can appear in many places, such as

* Your website
* Your blog
* Twitter posts
* Solo ads
* Your Facebook page
* Classified ads
* Articles you write

In all these places and more what you say matters. And HOW you say what you say matters a lot.

If I have learned anything in my 11 years online it is this what you say and how you say it is THE difference between making sales and not making sales!

Look at these two phrases. Which is more powerful?

1. I know you are afraid but dont be. Being afraid only makes our problems worse
2. We have nothing to fear but fear itself

Did you vote for example #2? Of course you did. The difference between them is copywriting perhaps the most important skill one can possess.

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