6 UV Liquid Foundation with Pump. Assorted Shades

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Liquid Foundation. Assorted Shades A UV liquid foundation perfect for all skin types or oily skin and climates. This fluid foundation gives a smooth, even complexion with a superb powdery finish. Beauty Benefits :Contains CoQ10, an anti-aging ingredient, that minimize fine fines, smoothes out wrinkles, Hydrates and softens skin. - Long-wearing. and leaves skin feeling youthful and luminous. Absorbent powders promote a matte appearance. Method of Use : Available in 6 shades to suit all skin tones. Tip The fluid texture of Foundation allows for easy, even application. Place a small amount of foundation on the fingertips of one hand. Dot onto nose, chin and forehead and smooth outwards using light, sweeping movements. Size 1 OZ.
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