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What Is A Twit? A “twit” is a foolishly annoying person. We all know people who are twits and at least one point in our lives we have probably acted like a twit. There is an urban legend that says a pregnant goldfish is also called a twit, but since there is no such thing as a pregnant goldfish (goldfish lay eggs) we can pretty much put that legend to rest. Before the birth of social networking, an annoying person was pretty much limited to annoying one person at a time. On some occasions, like family reunions or parties, a twit could annoy a small group of people at the same time. This problem was usually solved by not inviting the offending party to future events. But now that social networking has arrived, there exists the potential to annoy thousands of people at the same time. One simply needs to do a Facebook update or send out simple tweets about the minutiae of everyday life. Pretty soon these updates will become very, very annoying. I really don’t care that my cousin has just return from buying a dozen eggs at the corner market or that her cat likes the new brand of cat food. Then there is the marketing twit who thinks that he or she can make a fortune by tweeting affiliate links to their followers. Get 10,000 PLR e-books for a 1.99 If not technically spamming, this type of tweeting is pretty close. Too be honest, it is possible to send out these types of tweets without being annoying. It is conceivable that there exist family members and friends who may be this interested in what you are doing. It is also possible that fellow marketers might be interested in an occasional tweet about a unique product. The main thing is that you know the limit and don’t go from being that informative person to that annoying twit. The Problem Lies In The Word Social The word social never went hand in hand with the concept of earning money. Capitalist associated the term with hippies while the hippies resented the capitalist who tried to earn money from something that shouldn’t be sullied with the bottom line. And while hippies aren’t exactly a dime a dozen anymore, there are still many people who believe that social networking should not be used for business purposes. There are hundreds of millions of people on Facebook and there are people who say that it will soon replace Google as the number one source for finding information online. Despite having so many users, Facebook has found it difficult to monetize its site. The users of Facebook are looking to keep in touch with friends and share their experiences and therefore they are not a highly targeted audience. The same holds true for Twitter. There is not a high conversion rate for sales for affiliate tweets. In a recent forum posting a person stated that he had made his first sale by sending out an affiliate link to his followers. He made one sale and he had 10,000 followers. That is an abysmal conversion rate. If my math is correct that is a conversion rate of only one hundredth of one per cent. Of course there other factors at play such as what he was selling and how much it cost. But despite these unknowns, 1/100th of one per cent is nothing to be pleased with. He did not mention how many followers actually stopped following him after he made his tweet but if this tweet was like the other tweets he sent out then I would be willing to guess that it was quite a few. Followers Needed Okay here is the bad news. Just like every other aspect of the internet you are dead in the water if you don’t have traffic. You can have the best tweets in the world and if nobody is reading them you may as well write them in the sand below the high tide line. Just as there is no one magic bullet to get traffic to your site, there is no one magic way to get followers. You will have to rely on some of the old methods of generating traffic. Post a link to your new Twitter account on your blog, Facebook or Myspace pages. Place your Twitter link in your signature, in forum postings and in your e-mails. If you already have an email list, send out a blast talking about your new Twitter account and encouraging them to follow you. I know. These are the same old tips you have been told time and time again. But hold on. Twitter has one more method of attracting followers. If you sign up to follow someone they in turn will sometimes follow you. This is not always the case and it depends on who you sign up to follow. For example, Ashton Kutcher has over 5 million followers. Odds are that he is not going to notice that you have signed up let alone follow you back. If you sign up with someone who has no more than several thousand followers and you share the same niche, they will probably check out your profile and follow you back. One useful function of Twitter is the ability to search what people are talking about. If you have a blog about classic cars, you can search the keyword “classic cars” and it will pull up everyone Tweeting about classic cars. Twitter Uses? There are many reports that will go into detail on how you can use twitter to improve your business. Here is a brief list of a few ways. Establish A Relationship With Customers Sending out regular tweets can help to build a relationship with customers and potential customers. Even if the tweets are the recommended professional type, they help establish your “voice” and will allow you to stand out from the crowd while at the same time help to build trust and establish you as an expert. Grab Your Copy For Only . . . $4.95 I know you will get something from this well written eBook! Remember: Knowledge is power - And Great Knowledge is Powerful. When reading an eBook can MOVE you - Isn’t that feeling worth the price of the wonderful read? ENJOY! APPLY! 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