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101 Tips For Running A Successful Home Business


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By: Maxye & Lou Henry, 160 Pages, Softcover.

Proven Strategies and Sage Advice for the At-Home Entrepreneur

101 Tips for Running a Successful Home Business provides at-home entrepreneurs with practical advice on everything from scheduling your time effectively and setting up your workspace to protecting yourself legally and financially.

With an easy-to-use subject guide, this book addresses day-to-day concerns, including accounting and record keeping, as well as long-term and future planning, such as reviewing your business plan and securing retirement benefits. You'll also find many helpful suggestions on maximizing business opportunities through networking and e-commerce.

As new technologies make it easier than ever before to set up a home business, more and more people are choosing self, employment. Whether your home business provides a professional service or an actual product, 101 Tips for Running a Successful Home Business will show you how to improve your efficiency and enhance your profits.

About the Author
Maxye and Lou Henry are the authors of The Home-Business Sourcebook. Maxye, an editor and freelance writer, and Lou, a labor attorney, operate their own profitable home business, Maxye's Pantry.

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