Double Helix Water redefines health and the body’s role in healing by allowing healthy energy to flow freely and naturally. It goes beyond hydration by unlocking nature’s own way of repairing the Meridian System and balancing internal energy, known as Qi. Stable Water Clusters found in Double Helix Water may act as the body’s fundamental building block; a foundation for self-healing and protection from environmental toxins we encounter each day. It is also showing great promise in improving cognitive function in those with issues like ADD/ADHD and Autism. Double Helix Research Double Helix Water, has had over fifteen years of research done by top professors at major universities around the world about Stable Water Clusters and its effects on the body. Stable Water Clusters are a fundamental discovery in particle physics and have been published in an authoritative peer reviewed physics journal and presented at international academic conferences. It has been found to stimulate the body’s immune response in a double blind study by Prof Benjamin Bonavida of UCLA, and also by Dr. Norman Shealy, M.D., and Ph. D. The results are summarized in the book “Double Helix Water” by David L. Gann and Dr. Shui Yin Lo. Picture Double Helix Water is used for accleration of recovery times and improved fitness by three-time US Olympian and national champion Anna Pierce for rehydration and recovery, and three-time US Olympian Jen Rhines. Frequently Asked Questions Q: If effects of Double Helix Water can be seen in as little as 15 minutes, how long will they last? A: Double Helix Water is not a drug nor does it “cure” something; the water is only one of the factors that is needed for the body to heal or recover and works best when taken continuously. The effects can last for several hours to several days, but in the end it is ONLY the body that is doing the healing. One has to get the body back into balance. The Stable Water Clusters found in Double Helix Water may help the body heal itself. Q: How is Double Helix Water made? A: Double Helix Water is the result of using electrical pressure that surrounds a charged particle to convert ultra-pure water into Stable Water Clusters for commercial use. It believed to be a naturally occurring process that is now manufactured for commercial use, thanks to Double Helix Water. The details are published in Physics Letter A, Oct 2009. Q: Are there any side effects from taking Double Helix Water? A: There are no known side effects, however the detoxification effect of Double Helix Water has caused a very small percentage of people to feel itchy or experience other discomfort from toxins being released from the body. Q: How is Double Helix Water different from alkaline water, Kangen water, etc. (other waters)? A: Double Helix Water is not structured or enhanced water. It is a newly discovered phase of water, called Stable Water Clusters. Stable Water Clusters is the scientific name for a newly discovered particle of water: a solid phase of water that does not melt at room temperature. Double Helix Water is not intended to replace any water you drink on a regular basis. It comes in a highly concentrated form containing millions of nanometer-sized Stable Water Clusters that have a high polar charge. Double Helix Water is neutral, (pH=7) and is without ions (electrical resistance of 18.2MΩ-cm). Add 3 drops of Double Helix Water to an 8-oz glass of distilled or reverse-osmosis water twice a day or more to enjoy maximum benefits, both for hot spots and overall prevention. Q: How should I store Double Helix Water? Does it need to be refrigerated? A: Double Helix Water does not need to be refrigerated, but should be kept out of direct sunlight. Q: How long before I can tell if Double Helix Water is working for me? A: While some people feel results in a matter of weeks and some feel benefits gradually over several months of taking the water, Double Helix Water is a lifestyle change product. The benefits to the body are best felt over a long period of time and users should take it daily as they would take regular vitamins or supplements. Q: When and how should I take Double Helix Water? A: For best results, we recommend that Double Helix Water be consumed only using distilled or reverse-osmosis water. Q: Can I increase the dosage of Double Helix Water? A: Yes, Double Helix Water causes no adverse side effects if taken in larger doses and the benefits will become maximized with increased use. Q: Where is Double Helix Water manufactured? A: Double Helix Water is produced at D&Y Laboratories’ research laboratory in Missouri. The facility includes a Class 100 Clean Room complete with the latest technology, including an atomic force microscope, the most advanced microscope existing today, and a custom water purification system to help produce the Stable Water Clusters found in Double Helix Water. Double Helix Water® does not endorse claims or have scientific proof that Stable Water Clusters are effective in the cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease. Stable Water Clusters have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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