Ovaltine Nature Soy 100% certified as vegetarian drink with a natural soy milk taste. The tastes is not too sweet but rich with nutrition from isoflavone, calcium and protein from soy. Simply add 180 ml of hot water with 1 sachet of Ovaltine nature soy, sit back and enjoy. Exclusively free worldwide shipping to your home. No MSG. No Preservative. Men's Health: Soy milk is one of the most common and nutritious dairy alternatives. In addition to its general benefits, soy milk contains a number of compounds that are particularly important to men's health. Its high content of isoflavones, protein, vitamins and minerals and minimal amount of saturated fats may help soy milk prevent and treat some of the leading health conditions for men. Drinking Soy Milk as little as a cup a day improves Men's Health as it relates to: Cardiovascular Health - In addition to being low in calories and total fat and high in protein, soy milk's high unsaturated-to-saturated fat ratio promotes healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Cancer Prevention - According to doctors Michael Murray and Joseph Pizzorno, soy's high isoflavone content makes it the single best dietary factor in the prevention of prostate cancer. Type 2 Diabetes - Soy milk contains two micronutrients that may decrease the risk to the development of Type 2 diabetes: magnesium and vitamin D. Although they are not treatments for this condition, people with low levels of these nutrients are at a greater risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Mental Health - Suicide as the 7th leading cause of death among men. Soy milk may help to reduce your risk, as it contains a number of micronutrients with potential mental health benefits. For example, a 1-cup serving contains 5.8 percent of your vitamin B-6, which helps your body to make the mood-enhancing neurochemical serotonin. Its magnesium content also helps to raise serotonin levels and may be as effective as some antidepressant medications among people with both depression and diabetes. The high vitamin D content in soy milk may also help to prevent and treat seasonal effective disorder, a depressive condition that affects people living at high latitudes during the winter months. Women's Health: Prevent Postmenopausal Syndromes - During menopause, a woman's natural production of estrogen drops to a minimum. The sudden reduction of estrogen creates a number of health problems for postmenopausal women. Postmenopausal women have higher risks of heart disease, diabetes and obesity. They are also more vulnerable to depression, mood swings, insomnia and other psychological disorders. The phytoestrogen in soy is an effective estrogen replacement. Regular intake of soy is a great way to prevent and alleviate these postmenopausal syndromes. Prevent Osteoporosis - Osteoporosis is another age and hormone related disease. The phytoestrogen in soy can help accelerate calcium absorption by your body and prevent the loss of bone mass. For the maximum benefit, make sure to buy the soy milk that is fortified with extra calcium and vitamin D. Strengthen Blood Vessel Integrity - The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids as well as the powerful phyto-antioxidants in soy can effectively protect your blood vessels from lesions and hemorrhage. These compounds bind to the blood vessel lining and defend your lining cells from free radical attacks and cholesterol deposits. The binding of these nutrients also improve the fluidity and flexibility of your blood vessels so that they are much more resilient to blood pressure changes. Promote Weight Loss - Soy milk is naturally lower in sugar content than regular milk. Cow's milk has about 12 grams of sugar per cup as opposed to only 7 grams in soy milk. This is why a cup of whole soy milk has only 80 calories, which is the equivalent of skim milk. In addition, the monounsaturated fatty acid in soy milk can inhibit your intestinal absorption of fat, which is another great advantage for weight loss. Drinking soy milk also gives you an extra dose of fiber, keeping your feeling fuller for longer time.
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