Skyhammer is an Autobot from the Dark of the Moon portion of the live-action film series continuity family. Because "Skyrifletoenergonsword" was just unwieldy. Skyhammer is one of the few flight-capable Autobots, and a highly decorated assault commander with this ability. He was personally tasked with advising Optimus Prime on countless aerial skirmishes with Decepticons. Despite his size and weapons payload, he is surprisingly nimble, and an expert hand-to-hand combat as well as projectile weaponry. He proudly carries as part of his vast armament an Energon Blade that was bestowed upon him by Optimus Prime himself, in recognition of Skyhammer's extraordinary courage and heroism in battle.Dark of the Moon (thumbnail) *sigh*Oh, if only you were Ultra Magnus... Skyhammer (MechTech Voyager, 2011) Japanese ID number: DA13 Accessories: MechTech Rifle/Energon Sword, two missile pods Part of the second wave of Dark of the Moon Voyager Class toys, Skyhammer transforms into a made-up assault helicopter that resembles a cross between a Eurocopter Tiger and a Mil Mi-24. He features 5mm peg-holes for his hands, one on each of his forearms, a pair under each of his wings, a port on the backs/insides of each of his shoulder cockpit halves, and a port underneath his cockpit. As part of the MechTech series, he has a large weapons system that converts from a double-barreled rifle to his Energon Sword. He also features two detachable missile pods underneath his wings. Both weapons use 5mm pegs, and the MechTech weapon features a peg-hole on either side. As the MechTech weapon cannot be mounted underneath the cockpit without retracting the front landing gear, the weapon itself cleverly features a molded landing gear wheel on the corner of the blade's base. As an unofficial but quite awesome feature, his rotors can be transformed and extended out to freely spin from his chest. Despite the claims of a known variant of the instructions, however, the rotors cannot be fully detached from the robot. The MechTech weapon may be locked into its sword mode by pushing the plunger in all the way and turning it clockwise. However, due to the tip of the plunger having been attached to the sprue, the tip may contain excess plastic, requiring excessive force just to lock the weapon in. If you start to see stress marks, or the housing separates significantly, stop. Skyhammer was redecoed into BotCon 2013 Sandstorm and retooled into Age of Extinction Generations Autobot Drift.
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