Learn long term strategies and every day healthful practices that prevent and cure headaches, cluster headaches and migraines! In Naturally Cure Your Headaches It goes into great detail and depth about prescription and over the counter painkillers including -- How amitriptyline, a common drug prescribed for chronic tension headaches causes drug decay, depression, arrhythmias, psychosis and tension How Mirtazapine, also known as Remeron can cause weight gain, restless leg syndrome, obesity, seizures, suicidal behavior and hypoventilation How Sodium valporate, a drug for epileptics that is sometimes given to tension and migraine headache sufferers causes birth defects and autism in babies How caffeine works with over the counter painkiller analgesics to help combat the pain of migraines How the SSRI type of antidepressants that are often prescribed for headache sufferers can cause heart problems, sexual problems and a lifelong dependency How taking large doses of aspirin for headaches can affect your hearing and cause a condition called tinnitus The link between acetaminophen and sudden liver failure ... and even more in-depth information about these medications which sometimes work and sometimes don't and cause you even more grief or pain in the long run. In Naturally Cure Your Headaches I also discuss the many different causes of all types of headaches including - How excessive clenching of the teeth can cause migraines and tension headaches The new theory about how tension headaches may be due to a malfunction of neurotransmitters that misinterpret ordinary signals from muscles as being pain The role that caffeine withdrawal can play in causing headaches The relationship between Celiac disease and headaches The number of hours you should wait after eating a food to determine if it is the cause of your headache How straining your eyes looking at television or a computer screen can contribute to headache pain What bad posture has to do with triggering headaches The villainous role that cigarette or cigar smoke plays in causing headaches How sudden major weather changes and high or low temperatures combined with high humidity can bring on a headache How an allergic reaction to pollen, food or drink can cause a headache How eating irregularly can cause headache pain The role that the premenstrual cycle plays in causing headaches How bright lights and loud noises can trigger migraine pain for some individuals The role that gluten, a protein found in many grains, might play in causing headaches Why migraines are quite common in prepubescent boys and girls How pregnancy has been known to cause migraines and cluster headaches How keeping a daily journal can help you keep track of some of the everyday stimuli that might be causing your headaches ...and tons more accurate, contemporary information about what can cause all kinds of headaches! The focus and intention Naturally Cure Your Headaches is to get you off these painkillers for good so you are provided with good solid advice about how to manage and prevent headaches by -- Breathing slowly and deeply to keep your blood vessels and nerves healthy Practicing Yoga and meditation can help combat migraine attacks Eating corn, buckwheat and oats and staying away from all other grains Exercising aerobically for twenty to thirty minutes a day Avoiding foods that contain tryamine like red wine, figs, smoked fish and aged cheese Realizing that many other foods including peanut butter, bananas, chocolate and dairy produce can also cause migraines Avoiding aspartame which is suspected to cause migraines Avoiding monosodium glutamate which has been proven to cause headaches in many studies Using a technique called autohypnosis to reduce the severity of the headaches Adopting certain behaviors during increases in barometric pressure to ward off headache pain Avoiding washing your hair while you are in the bath which has been known to provoke migraines! Consulting with a hypnotherapist to manage your headaches Getting an acupuncture treatment to assist with pain and prevent headaches from occurring Using self-administered acupressure to massage "points" on the body to help prevent headaches Getting massages to help mitigate and do away with headache pain Learning how to use peppermint and wintergreen oils to ward off headaches Considering the role that Butterbur can play in reducing the pain and severity of headaches Learning how to give yourself a hot foot both to divert blood from your head to your feet so your headache pain is less Taking herb feverfew to control your headache pain Realizing the role that B vitamins can play in helping prevent and cure headaches And many more suggestions for getting rid of those headaches for good ... The bottom line is, there is no need to suffer the pain and misery of headaches any longer, nor is there any reason why you should turn to analgesic painkillers the next time a headache or a migraine strikes. By taking appropriate preventative steps and by using natural remedies if you are unfortunate enough to suffer a headache or migraine, you can deal with the whole problem entirely holistically without the side effects of drugs!
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