Altsberglotion genital Warts Removal Altsberglotion genital Warts Removal is a natural remedies for treatment and remove of viral keratosis, caused by the influence of Human papilloma virus (HPV). Thread Genital Warts - Condyloma, all these painful and unpleasant things have no chance here. Pure Natural secret powerful formula for treatment and remove of genital Warts. Genital Warts (Condyloma Acuminata) Exquisite variety of plants that is picked at over 1,500 meters above sea level is used in the our natural Wart formula. The treatment is absolutely painless and Extremely effective. We can Guarantee that you will successfully solve - remove Genital Warts if you follow our guidelines. If you're satisfied tell everyone, however if you are not then just tell us and we will send your money back guarantee. Certificate for this product was given by "Public Health Institute in Nis, Serbia, Center for Hygiene and Human Ecology" registered under the number N-1126 from 08.04.2008. Ingredients: Extract Sempervivum tectorum L., Extract Hedera helix, Extract Mentha Piperita, Sallycilum, Celuloza, Natural oil, Organic solvent. BENEFITS IN RELATION TO OTHER REMEDIES: * The therapy is painless. * Balm is dried quickly, within 2 to 3 minutes. * There is no need to put bandages on the sore spot that extra burden in the combination with the pressure of shoes or clothes. * Do not attack healthy tissue and subcutaneous parts. It is important to track the immunity of the organism parallel with the implementation of treatment. Therefore, the recommendation is to pay attention to food or to buy immunostimulator at the pharmacy to assist your body to successfully resolve the virus. This is primarily related to treatment with Warts, Warts on the hands, Genital Warts and Skin tags are successfully treated by our remedies in combination with the reinforcement of Immunity of your body. Users of Altsberglotion genital Warts Removal have very good results and these are some of the send comments. '' Distinguished friends, what I'm about to write is not a farce, but true. These people who produce this balm, deserve praise, not only expeditious and professional, but above all humanists. This balm is excellent. I had three nipples two small lumps turn out already after 10 days. the third, which was about 1cm in diameter is visibly reduced. I would recommend to anyone who has a problem with warts warts to use this balm because it really helps, and the results are visible already after 10 days. Senad '' '' Just to let you know I'm at the very beginning satisfied with your product, very happy with it ... I use it for over 3 days and 2 warts (though small) are already gone .. continue therapy until they are resolved, hopefully forever. Only praise for the Altsberglotion '' '' Thanks for the advice, so far I have not noticed any changes in the body except my warts began to fall. Luckily I noticed in time and found you. Indeed you have been helpful. And of course I have all the recommendations. Thank you '' '' Dear Dejan, Through conversations with pharmacists, my dear friends, Altsberglotion proved to be very successful. Warts are not many, only three. Thus, we believe that a one package be enough. No problem we've order to get, the price is affordable. A big thank you to the detailed response. I wish you much success. Best regards. Nevena '' ABOUT THE REMEDIES: The basis for making Altsberglotion Warts Removal is synergy of essential oils and three types of plants: Ivy (Hedera helix), Houseleek (Sempervivum Tektorum) and Wild Peppermint ( Menta Piperita). Strong keratolytic effect of the product is improved by the Salicylic acid added in a certain percentage. So, the remedies is wiping out further spread and the presence of HPV in the outer epidermis of skin without any damage to the healthy tissue. *** IMPORTANT NOTE: IT IS PROHIBITED TO USE THIS PRODUCT in the following categories of users: Diabetes (Diabetes Mellitus). It is for this reason because the disease manifests itself, among other things, with blood circulation disorders and possible occurrence of gangrene on toes and the use of our products in such cases cause contraindications. In patients with the circulation disorder in the lower extremities for the same reasons as in diabetes. For persons who are under 10 years old. It is not advisable to treat young children's skin especially on the face, or treatment should be carried out carefully with the obligatory presence of the parents. For pregnant women. There is no data that mentioned ingredients can affect the development of fetus during the pregnancy and for preventive reasons we do not recommend treatment for pregnant women. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Wash the affected place with warm water and neutral soap. The compound should be applied directly from the bottle or using the ear stick which has cotton wool in the end on the affected tissue and 0.5-1 cm. about it in a thin layer. The number of coatings depends on the type of the disease i.e. whether it is a callus, warts, or condyloma, and also of how much time you have that mentioned problem. If you are suffering from mentioned problems for many years, then you have to apply more layers of the balms (not more than 8) if the problem is recent, then you should apply not less than 4 layers. For each type of illness you have precise instructions for use on the main menu of this site. After applying all the layers leave the balm to work for 7 - 8 minutes putting the affected area in horizontal position. Let the balm dry and continue with the activities. Leave the balm to do his job for 10 days. During this time, the place can be moistened by water but must not be rubbed (brush, sponge, etc.).During the therapy you may experience a reaction in the form of itching, inflammation, etc. 11th day, in the evening before bedtime put the foot in hot water and hold it 15 minutes. When the skin on the foot softens dry your feet using towel, wipe the callus gently and dig it out with your fingers. It will not hurt. If it doesn’t work, do not apply additional force. Coat the affected place with another layer of balm and let it work 4 to 5 days. After that, repeat the process with hot water. Do not use a razor blade tool to remove formed thickened epidermis of the skin (if it comes to blisters or callus) in order not to injure the newly created soft epidermis, or if those thickening of the skin are very expressed, then carefully remove them using shaving razor without the pressure to avoid any damage to the capillaries and possible infection. The best solution to have this treatment treated at pedicure’s if you are able. If you remove the sick tissue and find a white spot whose diameter is 3 to 5 mm in the middle of a painful place, you should make a break of 1 to 2 days and repeat the procedure by applying 4 thin layers one over another in one day, 5th, 6th and 7th day apply the balm once a day and then let it work for 10 days. During this time you can carefully wash the place. After that, the root will come out and you'll remove it by your fingers. That's because the process exists for a long time, ie. callus root was too deep to remove it by one therapy. OTHER NOTES: Remove Warts and Foot CornsDuration of 90 days from the delivery date. For external use only following the enclosed instructions. Flammable, contains organic solvents. Keep the vial on dark, dry place out of reach of children. Packaging of balms:15ml bottle. Worldwide FREE SHIPPING !
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