JAMU KUKU BIMA TL INCREASE SEXUAL ENERGY & VITALITY FOR HOT MEN 1 Box of 20 Capsules @650 mg Kuku Bima TL is a special formula to overcome almost all of men's sexual problems. The ingredients are antural and empirically has a history of its efficacy to increase sex drive, improve the energy for erection and protect the case of premature ejaculation. It is also a prosexual nutrient for the sexually active men to safeguard his sexual health. Key aphrodisiac ingredient: The seahorse is the only animal in the world which reproduces from the male of the species. The female produces the eggs and transfers them to the male's brood pouch which fertilises and incubates them before giving birth. The difference between synthetic aphrodisiac products and traditional strengthening formulas is that the former forces the body to use its own source of energy while the latter provides the energy for sex, at the same time safeguarding the body's primal energy source. This prevents excessive drainage of sexual energy. Over-use of sexual energy damages the body's energy source, the kidneys, in particular. To illustrate, forcing a car to go on an empty tank can only damage its mechanism further. Over time, the engine will need nothing less than on over haul to keep it in use. However, the body is not like an engine, an over haul is not possible in many cases. Sex tonics are often not required but if the practice of sex is frequent or that the person has advanced beyond youthfulness, tonics are necessary as part of the healthy regime. Men with low testosterone levels often have fewer sexual thoughts, fantasies, interest in sex, and spontaneous morning erections. Also, they have a higher incidence of depression, poor concentration and fatigue. Supplements can improve these problems and bring about sexual and mental benefits. Indications : - Overcomes sexual problems ie ; premature ejaculation & erectile dysfunction - Improves sexual energy and vitality - Increaes stamina and bodily defence - Improve sperm quality - Healing back pain and fatigueability Ingredients : - Hippocampus powder 5% - Panax Ginseng 25% - Eurycomae Radix 15% - Kaempferiae Rhizoma 7% - Zingiberis Rhizoma 10% - Phyllanthi Herba 4% - Zingiberis Aromaticae Rhizoma 7% - Other ingredients up to 100% in extract form Precautions : Not recommended for people with peptic ulcer, renal impairment and liver damage. For individuals with severe high blood pressure, should consult the physician before taking Kuku Bima TL. Direction : - Weak body : take 2 capsules each night for 2-3 weeks, then 2 capsules every 2-3 days. - Fatigue/back pain : take 2 capsules before bed. - Health maintenance : take 2 capsules every 2-3 days, depending on your physical condition.
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