All natural topical pain reliever that deeply penetrates and effectively aids in the treatment of aching joints and muscles caused by arthritis, back pain, and sport injuries. SPRAY & ROLL-ON TOPICAL ANALGESIC. An Evolutionary Pain Reliever THERAPAIN Effectively Aids In The Treatment of Arthritis,Tendonitis, & Bursitis, Muscle Stiffness, & Soreness, Neck, Middle Back, & Lower Back Pains, Ankle, Knee, Hip, Wrist, Elbow, & Shoulder Pains. Good Therapy promotes the use of Therapain, since it provides natural pain relief! Therapain benefits anyone with temporary or chronic aches and pains. Sprains, bruises, painful joints or strained muscles will receive temporary relief. Arthritis or Bursitis sufferers can now pursue daily activities with less nagging pain. Elderly folks, and those not so elderly, can go bowling, knit, drive, or golf. For some, it means just getting out of bed and walking more comfortably. Therapain brings back the fun to many activities.Joggers, skiers, cyclists, aerobics fans, weightlifters, labourers, keyboard operators, musicians and tennis players are frequent users of Therapain. Anyone who sits or stands all day, with neck ache or finger fatigue will welcome this product. Doctors and athletes swear by it. Therapain makes a thoughtful and loving gift. Therapain is a natural nerve block. That is, a nerve (near the skin surface) can transmit only one signal (i.e.pain) at any given time. When another sensation (Therapain) contacts the nerve, an "amnestic" effect cancels the message of pain going to the brain. Because there is no numbing or drowsy side effects, the concern of re-injury to an existing condition is eliminated. The initial cold feeling of Therapain acts as a cold pack followed by a warming feeling (similar to a heat pad). Because the nerves are confused, this feeling is sometimes described as "tingly". The effectiveness of Therapain can last from 1-5 hours depending on the severity of the condition and the amount of Therapain applied. The more applied, the stronger it gets. The strength is also increased when applied after a warm wash because the pores of the skin are open and more receptive. Add a few sprays to a hot bath or foot soak. The main active ingredient in Therapain is natural Brazilian menthol, the most expensive in the world. The patented purification process brings out the greatest potency of the menthol. Therefore, at only 6% (a very safe dosage), Therapain can achieve maximum effectiveness. Other ingredients are: secondary denatured alcohol, (which is used as a disinfectant and also as a carrying agent so Therapain will evaporate and dry quickly), eucalyptus oil, and peppemint oil (which introduces aromatherapy which is said to clear the senses and promote a feeling of well-being and confidence), herbal extracts and skin emollients which are added to enhance the PH balance of Therapain and replace moisture of the skin. With Therapain, just spray or roll and go. No rubbing or massaging is necessary. It can be easily applied to hard to reach areas, so people in pain don't need the help of others to use it. Therapain is non-greasy and will not harm or stain clothes. While no side effects have been noted, be careful to wash hands after use and avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes. Test a patch of skin before initial use to check for any allergic reaction.
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