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Import ECA Products

Step 4

Your final step is to upload images for your products. Images must be in .jpg, .png, or .gif format.

You may submit up to three images for each of your products. The first one should be the best image, as it will appear in search results and as the dominant image on the Product Details Page. Second and third images will appear lower on the Products Details Page.

IMPORTANT! In order to ensure your images link up with your products correctly, the file names must be EXACTLY as follows:

If the product ID number is 12345, then the file name for its first image must be 12345-1.jpg.

The second image must be named 12345-2.jpg

And the third must be named 12345-3.jpg

The above examples assume a .jpg format. You will want to use .png or .gif as the suffix of the file name if you are using the .png or .gif formats.

Note: If you need to adjust, change, or add an image later, this can be done using the ECA Listings Manager. Captions can also be adjusted using the Listings Manager.

Once you have all of your images sized and named properly...

  1. Select them all in the multi-finder uploader below using the Select Files button.
  2. Click the Upload Files button.
  3. After all files have uploaded, click the blue Continue button at the bottom of the page to finish the process.

Upload results:

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