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TripleClicks SFI Outlet License

$35 Annually, SFI Silver Team Leader Minimum Rank

An SFI Outlet License allows you to sell and accept direct payments for various physical SFI products, such as W3 Kits and SFI/TC marketing aids.

Here's an example of how an order for X-Cards would flow:

1. The SFI Affiliate wants to buy 50 SFI X-Cards. He goes to

2. Customer places the desired item in shopping cart and proceeds to checkout.

3. Under Payment Options, the customer would choose the LocalPay option (choosing you as the closest and/or most convenient source).

4. We send you an email with the complete order information (item ordered, price, customer's name and contact information, etc.). Note: The order will also appear at the ECA Center. You can also choose to receive an order alert via text message on your cell phone.

5. Simultaneously, we also send the customer an email with the complete order information, including your name and full contact information.

6. It is now you and your customer's responsibility to consummate the order. We suggest you contact the customer to arrange order delivery/fulfillment. Payment for the order is between you and the customer so you may take any form of payment you are comfortable with.

7. When you have fulfilled the order and accepted payment from the customer, mark the order as completed at the ECA Center. Upon doing so, the customer will also receive their MRP (Member Rewards Points) and VersaPoints. We also send your customer an email to confirm this.

8. Lastly, we send you an email to confirm order processing is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is my compensation for selling SFI products?
A: As a licensed SFI Outlet merchant, you will earn a processing fee which is over and above the regular price of the item.

Q: Why would someone buy SFI products from me?
A: In many countries, traditional online payments methods like credit cards and PayPal are not feasible or are sometimes prohibited. Also, many people are uncomfortable using payment methods like credit cards online. By offering SFI products locally, you can fill this potentially highly lucrative void. Buying SFI products from you can also greatly reduce the buyer's shipping cost and shipping time.

Q: How many SFI Affiliates are there in ?
A: We currently have 0 SFI Affiliates in . Affiliates from other surrounding countries may also seek you out.

Q: How will SFI Affiliates know that they can purchase SFI products from me?
A: You will be listed in our directory of providers at TripleClicks. You may also advertise that you are an officially licensed provider to your downline and other prospective buyers.

Q: I'm not set up for shipping products. Can I still get an SFI outlet license?
A: If you can't ship orders, you can still offer customer pick-ups (customer comes to you and picks up the order).  Or you could deliver them to your customers.

Q: Do SFI Outlet licensees receive a protected area to do business in?
A: Not at this time. As the program matures, we will look at granting exclusive licenses.

Q: Are there any other benefits to becoming a licensed SFI outlet?
A: Yes! The world is going more global all the time. Thousands of current and future companies will need local payment/fulfillment services, too. In the future, we may allow other, select companies to use our Loccoso fulfillment/payment network that we are building. By being a member of our network and establishing a track record now, you can position yourself to take on other future clients and create an even larger order fulfillment enterprise for yourself.

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