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Tuneflow Music Store

Q: What is TuneFlow™?
A: TuneFlow™ is an online music store that launched in June 2006 at It currently features the music of over 2000 indie music artists from around the world.

We like to think of TuneFlow™ as offering "the best music you've never heard." The fact is, there are thousands of great, unsigned singers, songwriters and bands all over the world that are making awesome music—you just haven't heard it. Thanks to TuneFlow™, you can now start discovering a whole new world of great music.

TuneFlow™ is also about putting the ARTIST first. At TuneFlow™, artists are given the opportunity to get their music out to the world without restrictive contracts. And when you buy music at TuneFlow™, it's the artists who get the lion's share (up to 52% of the retail price), not some big record label. TuneFlow™ also helps artists by providing valuable exposure, infrastructure, a free music website, marketing support, and more.

Q: In the meantime, can I sample the music that's going to be available to me?
A: Yes. If you'd like, you can listen to free previews of available music now at

Q: Will there be more artists and more songs to choose from in the future?
A: Absolutely, yes! By bringing TuneFlow™ into TripleClicks™ we expect to give it a major "reboot," and in doing so, attract many fresh, new artists and tons of great new music in a wide variety of styles. Yes, we plan to grow TuneFlow™ into one of the premier spots on the Web to download music from indie music artists. Come watch us grow!

Q: What format are TuneFlow™ songs in and where can I play them?
A: All TuneFlow™ songs are provided in the popular MP3 format. You need only an MP3 player program to play them. To manage your song collection, we recommend iTunes for Mac/Windows users and XMMS for Linux users.

Q: Can I play TuneFlow™ music on my iPod?
A: Yes. TuneFlow™ uses the MP3 format, so your TuneFlow™ music is 100% compatible with the Apple iPod/iTunes (and every other MP3 player on the market).

Q: Does TuneFlow™ use DRM?
A: No DRM (Digital Rights Management) of any kind is used on TuneFlow™ music. When you download music from TuneFlow™, you can burn unlimited CDs or transfer the music to any computer or portable music player (including the iPod of course!) for your personal use.

Q: How do I buy a TuneFlow™ song?
A: Once TuneFlow™ has made the move over to TripleClicks™, you'll be able to browse the TuneFlow™ Center for your favorite genres and newest songs and artists (we'll also recommend songs you might like based on the purchase patterns of other members). You can sample songs freely by clicking on the "play" arrow beside song titles. If you like a song, click the "Buy" button and downloading starts immediately. Each TuneFlow™ song costs just three TCredits. TCredits are available for as little as $.29 each...making your cost as little as $.87 a song. We'll automatically deduct three TCredits from your account each time you download a song. Alternately, you can bid on Pricebenders™ Live Auctions and earn a free TuneFlow™ song for every three bids.

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