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Yeshua Business Coaching Course Program

This business coaching course program is a business coaching course program that consists of tested and proven program materials that teach on the various aspects of business and how to grow it and generate sales and profits even on the social media.
The information there are my discovery and research and 17 years of business experience that can enhance a WAKE UP PRODUCTIVITY AND HIGH PERFORMANCE FOR YOU IN YOUR BUSINESS.
They are tested and well proven program materials as I've seen the principles work in successful Entrepreneurs, Companies, Organizations and Conglomerates and even in the store and in our company as well
In the chapters of one of the materials, we discussed on the training concept that Anthony Robbins called the Neuro-Lingustic Programming to grow business. i call it the TRAINING PROGRAMMING.
They are loaded, powerful, transformational and easy to understand.

A 1:1 business coaching is also available for the Entrepreneur who wants to build his/her business to a whole new level. This 1:1 coaching covers the following aspects of business:
1. The foundational Principle of Business which covers the following and lasts for 4 weeks:
a. The 15 Common Mistakes to Avoid when Starting a Business: BCCP 101
b. The Real Purpose of Starting a Business: BCCP 102.
c. The Power of Taking Risk in Investment in Business: BCCP 103.
d. The Laws that Govern Business: BCCP 104.
e. How to Generate a Cash Flow in Your Business or How to Generate Capital in Your Business: BCCP 105.

2. Building Structure to Your Business: Launching Strategy covers the following and lasts for 4 weeks
a. Finding Your Genre in Business: BCCP 106.
b. Creating Products and Services that Sells itself: BCCP 107
c. Creating your Brand in Business: BCCP 108.
d. Identifying Your Clients: BCCP 109.
e. Connecting with your Clients: BCCP 110

3. Building Your Business Marketing Luncheon: Your Sales Funnel Strategy covers the following 5 courses and lasts for 4 weeks
a. Identifying what sells: BCCP 111
b. Wrapping your products and services around the products and services that sells or people need: BCCP 112
c. Building an effective marketing campaign: BCCP 113
d. Constructing an effective advert both online and offline: BCCP 114
e. Expansion: Going Global: BCCP 115.

Each section of this course program lasts for ONE FULL MONTH or 4 weeks. The total course will last for 12 weeks and it is $1500 and offers the following with the course program:
1. You will have access to all the business coaching course program materials listed here plus
2. The Yeshua Business Coaching Course Program Manual will sent to you, should you enroll for this program and
3. A 1:1 schedule will made for you to meet the store owner on one on one basis for thorough and extensive coaching course program to build a profitable and successful business empire for yourself and lots more.

It is like billing you $500/month for these courses. You will never find that PRICE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD FOR A COACHING COURSE PROGRAM. EVER. Why? because a coaching course program is highly expensive, most starts with $1000, some $3000-5000. Some $12,000! wow. yes.I have some of them as my friends on the social media. why is mine that cheap? is it of low quality? excuse me? NOOOOOOO! A freebie will be added to your program to generate your personal email list for you! that costs me a fortune and it is titled, '9 simple steps in getting what you want out of life:Is this your thought pattern: i can't afford this...'
I have clients on the social media who are presently offering this course program. So if you too are interested, kindly contact me to schedule one for you. It comes with an extra package for you as an SFI affiliate. The SFI Coaching Course Program will be mingled with it for your SFI success and there will be a workbook by which we will work from to see to the growth of your business.

There is more to it than you know. My clients on the social media already knows this and always get to their AHA moment usually on the 2nd day of the course program! to God be the glory!

If you are interested, you can contact the store as a said and I will schedule one for you.
Your business will never remain the same, I GUARANTEE YOU!
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