The 30 Minute Marketing Miracle + BONUS Squeeze Page Profit System PLR Pack Digital Version Downloadable - No Shipping or Handling Fee! Introduction by Author "REVEALED! The Incredible Secrets Of A Rebel Australian Copywriter Who Turns'Do-Nothing' Ads Into Money-Making Machines In Less Than 30 Minutes!" Dear Friend, If you've ever wondered how to turn your marketing into a money-sucking machine, then this is most important message you will ever read. Power Coaching Session #1 - "How To Create A Simply Irresistible Offer" You'll meet Elizabeth Moss, who runs a company which retails hygiene products for gyms, hotels, companies and more. Products which clean the air and add fragrance. Now, what Elizabeth's company does is NOT important. What IS important however, is how Brett revolutionizes her marketing in just 30 minutes. You know, you can listen to marketing theory all week long. But the penny never finally drops until you see that theory IN ACTION. Don't you agree? Real, LIVE examples are what make everything crystal clear. Well, here's what you'll discover in this amazing session: The simple change of approach needed in Elizabeth's advert in order to put her sales into overdrive (once you discover this straightforward strategy, you'll be able to apply it to your business too and make a 'killing') SUSPECT NO-ONE'S READING YOUR ADS? Brett reveals what prospects REALLY hate to read ... and what they can't get enough of (this one master revelation could totally revolutionize your marketing and glue your prospects onto any ad you run in the future) A "killer" introduction to a sales letter which you can use as a template to get prospects licking their chops in excitement over your product or service! The truth behind getting people to take you up on your offer ... like it was the last toy in the store on Christmas Eve! The astonishingly simple process for working out which headlines are going to make you the most money (a change in headline can increase your response by up to 1700%! - and so Brett reveals the easy process you can use to find your winner) 4 hot headline examples straight from Brett McFall (and yes, you can model these suckers for your own greedy gain too!) How to educate your prospects to your amazing value (and have them LOVE every second of it - wouldn't that be nice?) A knockout "marketing approach" to get your phone ringing off the hook (and why this sneaky little secret works any where any how) How to get your own customers to help you sell even more of your product or service (at no cost to you!) Power Coaching Session #2 - "The Art Of Knowing WHEN To Tell People What You Sell" You'll meet Brett Purser and see the actual direct mail letter that he was about to start sending out. But luckily, before he did, he let Brett fine tune it for mega response. And the best part is - you're there every step of the way. Here's just some of what you'll discover: *** REVEALED! 8 "killer" headlines (adaptable to any business) to get your advertising response taking off like a 747 *** The underlying master principle EVERY business owner MUST know in order to create powerful money-making advertising *** The critical way to present your advertising that will have prospects flocking to your business and desperate to become a PAYING customer (and surprise ... surprise -- virtually NO one uses this amazing technique) *** The magic number of people you need to test a promotion on, in order to know whether you've got a failure on your hands ... or a BOOMING success (before you spend thousands of dollars!) *** The best way to layout an ad for maximum response *** An astonishingly simple way to break through any prospect's suspicions in an instant and have them call you NOW! (This tool becomes your amazing "selling machine" and a powerful marketing weapon to blow your competitors out of the water) *** See how Brett re-strategizes Mr Purser's whole marketing approach within a few minutes and has him gasping in amazement at all the extra money he's going to make *** Powerful questions you can use in your copy that get prospects reaching for the phone or their wallet! (These are the proven copy techniques that no copywriter ever reveals - that's because they usually form the backbone of their success ... but Brett reveals everything - with no hesitation - so you can use them for your own profit!) *** A secret 2-word phrase you can use to excite your customer and make your bullets come alive (literally bopping your prospect on the nose and forcing them to take notice!) *** Discover what Brett says you should NEVER be afraid to do in your marketing (and chances are you're scared s---less of it!) Power Coaching Session #3 - "How To Quickly And Easily Turn A Massive Failure Into A Huge Success" Here, you'll meet Jan Denford. A courageous housewife who created her own amazing product - "The Podlett" - she makes it herself ... sells it herself ... and also markets it herself. Of which marketing is the only part she's falling down on - she ran an $800 ad and only made $180 in sales - in other words ... "A BIG FAT FAILURE!" You'll see her ad and then get the low-down on how to turn it around into an absolute killer. Wouldn't you love to know how that's done? You'll find out exactly how ... along with these amazing insights: *** Why people won't buy some products straight off the page! (and the secret little technique you can use to get around this and make record sales!) *** How to take a real life story and turn into the perfect sales pitch (opening-up in your copy gives you an incredible edge over faceless corporate companies - discover what to do with your story to turn customers into raving fans) *** The key to selling to females (yes, there's a definite difference - and once you know it you can double or triple your sales overnight!) *** The truth about selling by mail (or the internet) - the simple rule you need to follow in order to get sales pumping like a oil rig in Saudi Arabia *** 9 sensational headline templates ... any one of which could turn your response around on a dime (you'll likely get so many ideas from these alone that you'll have to pause the program just to write your own versions down!) *** REVEALED! How to boost your response by not allowing your prospect to talk to you! (Incredible, but true!) *** The key to getting people to read your ad as if their life depended on it *** The amazing twist you can use to make your offer ... ANY offer ... simply and unarguably IRRESISTIBLE! (it can send your sales through the roof - yet it won't cost you a cent!) *** How to get as many testimonials as you'll ever need - even when your customers don't know what to say (including the powerful formula Brett uses to create testimonials that make prospects salivate uncontrollably and desperate to own your product or service!) *** The most powerful marketing tool you can EVER use ... for just cents in the dollar (yet few people realize what a goldmine it is - literally worth millions of dollars to many of Brett's clients) *** Who you must NEVER listen to when it comes to marketing and advertising unless you want to go broke FAST (this is the stuff no-one else has the guts to say - but Brett says it as plain as day) *** And so much more! The 30 Minute Marketing Miracle + Squeeze_Page_Profit_System_PLR_Pack These eBook and Graphic set package Worth $94 Today's price $8.99
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