IIf You've Never Made A Penny Selling Digital Products!.. "Put Your Sorry Excuse For Digital Sales Aside And Start Bringing In The REAL Cash Like The Heavy Hitters!" New 16-Part Video Series Reveals Exactly Step-By-Step How To Set Yourself Up As An Amazon Affiliate And Start Selling Physical Products! Secret Sales Affiliate Wise Up Soldier! Everyone has seen a get rich quick working from home on the internet scheme at some point in their life either on the internet, in magazines and newspapers, or on television. Most people have grown so jaded and cynical because of the endless stream of these kinds of products that they’ve completely disregarded even the idea of making money on the internet let alone getting rich from it. Here's The Truth! The truth is a lot of the time these schemes are just a scam and the only person making money is the person who posted the ad or is selling the product. But there is one avenue where people have been consistently making money for some time now. Some folks have been able to generate so much income from this method that they were able to quit their day job and go into business for themselves. This method is called affiliate marketing. "So What Is Affiliate Marketing, And Why Phyiscal Products?" Affiliate marketing is actually a fairly simple concept and why it works makes a lot of sense. Basically what happens is large online retailers like Amazon.com want to boost their sales. In order to do this they offer an affiliate program, which means that if Amazon sells a product on account of your marketing they will pay you a percentage of the value of the product that you helped sell. If you think about some of the products for sale on Amazon you can see how this can become profitable fairly quick. Think about a TV for instance. Most TVs are in the $800-$1000 price range. Amazon’s compensation program is somewhere between 4-6% for most products, so on a $1000 TV that’s between $40 and $60 in your pocket! You don’t have to pay sign up for this program, or keep an inventory of products. All you do is create an affiliate website that lists the products and then promote your website through SEO, social bookmarking, web 2.0, and various other methods. "If It's That Straight-Forward, Why Isn't Everyone Else Doing It?" It can be difficult figuring out where to start in affiliate marketing so that’s why we created a 16 part video series that will walk you through each step of affiliate marketing. First off, we’ll show you how to become affiliates with all the top retailers. Next, we’ll teach you how to decide upon a product to promote and isolate the appropriate keywords in order to generate traffic. From there we’ll go step by step through the process of registering a domain name, setting up a host, developing your site, and attaching the links from your affiliate retailers. Once your site is set up we then go through all the most popular methods of optimizing your site to make it search engine friendly. Finally, we go through each of the many ways of promoting your site through blog posts, social bookmarking, web 2.0, press releases, etc. "What Will I Achieve In The End"? By the end of the video series you’ll have everything you need to begin affiliate marketing. It can literally be within days that you start generating traffic and in turn sales! The video series is ideal for anyone who’s looking to make money on the internet but willing to put in the time and energy to learn. If you follow the steps outlined in the videos there’s no reason why you can’t start making real money online in a matter of a few days. Like anything in life the amount of money you make will depend solely on your time invested and your motivation to sell products. This isn’t a get rich scheme this is a proven system that when followed correctly will lead to the generation of real profit and a dependable source of income. Let me reveal to you what's inside this new video series.. "Here's What' You'll Get Access To Here Today!" Video #1 - An Introduction To The Amazon Affiliate Program video tutorials In video one you will learn what affiliate marketing is and how it can be a profitable venture if done correctly. You’ll learn the compensation schemes of various top ranked websites as well as how to properly decide upon a product to promote. Video #2 - Get The Right Keywords! video tutorials Once you’ve selected a product to promote video two will go into detail on selecting the best keywords to generate a steady flow of traffic to your site. By the end of the video you’ll understand how to research specific keywords and phrases for any product, which will then be used to boost your rankings on the top search engines. Video #3 - Signing For As An Affiliate! video tutorials Now that you have your product and your keywords you’re ready to become an affiliate. Video three will take you step by step through the process of signing up for Amazon and other companies affiliate marketing programs. Video #4 - Registering A Domain video tutorials Video four will walk you through the process of registering a domain name and show you some crucial tips that will save you time and money by avoiding a registrar’s up-selling and promotional tactics. Video #5 - Setting Up Web Hosting video tutorials Once you’ve registered a domain name you now need to set up a website host to store your website’s data. Video five shows you how to get through this process without the headache as well as provides some great tips that will help choose a reliable host and avoid purchasing unnecessary products. Video #6 - Pointing Your Domain Name To Your Webhost video tutorials In video six you take your registered domain name from video four and add it to your hosting account that you set up in video five. This can be a difficult step if you lack guidance, but fortunately the video walks you through it in just a few easy steps that make it an accomplishable task for anyone. After you’ve tied your domain to your host you’re ready to develop your site. Video #7 - How To Install WordPress video tutorials Videos seven A and B are crucial to developing a website. What you’ll learn is how to install wordpress on your site using either Fantastico or Simple Scripts depending on the hosting company you decided to go with. This video lays out this complex process in an easy to understand format that will help you avoid long phone calls with your hosting companies technical support team. Once you have this information setting up wordpress in the future will be a breeze. Video #8 - WordPress Plugins For SEO Benefits video tutorials Even though your website’s beginning to come together you’re still not going to rank very high on the search engines. Video eight will explain several different plugins that will help make your site more search engine friendly and better your chances of coming up on the first page of the top search engines. Video #9 - Optimizing Your WordPress Blog video tutorials Now that you’ve optimized your site you’re ready to start planning its layout and design. Video nine will teach you how to change your wordpress theme and creating a professional looking site with ease. Video #10 - Grab Your Links! video tutorials In video ten we start to get to the meat of affiliate marketing. Here we’re going to learn how to set up the affiliate links on your website so that clients can begin viewing products and you can begin making money. Here you’ll also learn which links are best suited for an affiliate page to keep it looking professional and ensure anyone who visits your page feels compelled to follow the link and purchase the product. Video #11 - Creating Your Money Post! video tutorials In video 11 you’ll be creating your first money post. What this means is that you’ll be writing your first blog post promoting your chosen product. If done correctly the post will compel people to follow the link to your affiliate site and in turn generate a sale, which will put money in your pocket. Video #12 - Tagging And Bookmarking For TRAFFIC! video tutorials In order to promote your offer you have to let people know that you’re around. In video twelve you’ll learn about a concept called social bookmarking, which basically is a way of interacting and telling other sites that you’re here and you’re offering a product. This can be tough to understand but the video does a great job of putting the process in layman’s terms and shows you how to put it into action without any trouble. This is a crucial step in promoting any website as it will generate back links and help you get indexed on all the top search engines. Video #13 - Writing A Press Release For TRAFFIC! video tutorials
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