Stop Weight Gain and Lose Inches Fast! Finally... A Real Cure for Obesity! No medication! No bogus cures! No diuretics, fad diets, food deprivation or killing yourself exercising for months on end only to find out you have not lost one single pound! Or even worse ... that you have gained it all back in half the time it took you to lose it. Are you sick to death of being lied to by the weight loss industry and sick of being sold products and devices that may even harm your health? ARE YOU READY FOR PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS? Try a permanent revolutionary lifestyle change! Losing Weight Natures Way Dear Reader - It is widely recognized that the population of most developed Western countries is getting fatter, and we are not talking about a gradual increase here. The number of people who are seriously overweight or clinically obese is exploding all over the Western world, and as you will see, this is no exaggeration. Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) which indicates that by the end of 2004, around two thirds of adults in the USA were officially overweight, and nearly one third were clinically obese. And the situation has already deteriorated significantly since then, so we really do have a global crisis on our hands. If you are seriously overweight or obese, I would like to congratulate you for grabbing your copy of Losing Weight Natures Way because this one simple act represents a significant step forward It means that you have decided to do something about your weight problem, and the decision to do so without the support of medication indicates a deep need to change yourself for the better. Does this sound like your life? You used to be as thin as a rake, but now if you even look at food you seem to gain ten pounds automatically You wear clothes that look like sacks in order to disguise your growing girth You avoid flying or sitting on buses because you have gotten so huge, and you dont want to make other people feel uncomfortable You have tried all kinds of herbal remedies, but all they did was make you feel sick, speedy, bitchy or tired You never go swimming because you look too flabby in a bathing suit You feel depressed about your looks, which makes you eat more than you should You tried a high protein diet only to find that your energy wanes to the extent that you can barely think You tried an all vegetarian diet only to find that you gained weight instead! You tried eating in the "Zone", but zoned out energy-wise when it came to cooking all those special meals You tried Weight Watchers, but found yourself gaining weight again the minute you got off of it You tried a low carb diet only to find that you became horribly constipated and felt intoxicated You tried herbal teas but they made you feel jittery and dehydrated You have tried weight loss pills, but your family and friends told you to stop because your personality suddenly had all the charm of a raging crack addict You tried detoxifying your colon only to experience days and days of the worst headaches you have ever had in your life You feel ashamed because you sense others are making fun of you behind your back You have tried working out, but after each session you feel even hungrier You have not had sex or a date in ages because you are so embarrassed about the way you look naked Your weight is causing you incredible social anxiety to the extent that you do not go out much anymore Your doctor has told you it is time for you to do something about your weight but you dont know where to even start! These psychological and physical sensations that are associated with being fat are all too common, but the truth is that you dont have to just give in and expect that you will be morbidly obese! In my new eBook I tell you how to cure obesity. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars You do not have to starve yourself You do not have to alter your body chemistry You do not have to exercise until you drop exhausted on the floor. In fact you can change all of this simply by changing your lifestyle. All you have to do is follow the suggestions in my eBook Losing Weight Natures Way and you will soon be your old happy, healthy and svelte self again! You are probably as skeptical as all hell reading all of the above, because usually by the time people come around to reading these pages, they have already tried just about everything in the world to try and lose weight. In fact that was how this book even came to be. I was once very jaded like you. I thought I was always doomed to be fat and that I would always be stuck in the Plus Size section of Wal-Mart looking at potato sacks for women marked 2X, 3X or even 4X. At my heaviest I could not see my feet, and I had trouble leaning over to tie my shoes. When I bent over, the folds of fat in my midriff dug into my rib cage and made it hard to breathe. I also sweated like crazy, in every crease in my body where there was a fold of fat. Quite frankly, I always smelled because of the sweat caught in the folds of my skin. Once, I fell down in the bathtub, and to my incredible embarrassment I could not get up again. I had to call down to my kids for help so I could even stand up. Even my feet gained weight. Once a size seven, I was suddenly a size nine. My ankles were swollen, and when I went to buy nylons they hung midway down my thighs like a baseball back catchers net because my thighs were too fat to pull the stockings all the way up. Soon I was huffing and puffing my way up the stairs, and rolling out of bed instead of sitting up first and putting my feet on the floor. I literally became Roly-Poly. All of this got so bad that I was at the point where I was being given prescription drugs by my doctor in order to keep my weight down. Not only were these prescriptions expensive but they were disgusting. One weight loss drug had a side effect called "anal leakage". Thats right. Anal leakage. Dont ask. Yet another was an antidepressant that left me so disassociated from reality that I went on shopping sprees, giggled all day like an idiot and lost an important opportunity at work because I just was not focusing on pertinent matters like I should. Yet another helpful prescription medication was just speed. I might as well have gone out on the street and bought some cocaine. Or taken extra hits of an anti-histamine combined with several cups of coffee. I simply felt sick all the time. Finally I just took to my bed and stayed there. I watched television all day and ate and ate and ate. Then one evening I found myself watching that old movie with Johnny Depp in it --"Whatever Happened to Gilbert Grape?" I dont know how many of you happened to catch this flick, but in it an obese woman dies upstairs in her bed and her corpse is too heavy for her children to carry it out of the house. Not knowing what else to do, they burn down the house and cremate her body inside. This movie made me cry. That is when it hit me. I really have to do something about my weight problem before I end up like the mother in "Whatever Happened to Gilbert Grape?" The result is that I got up off the couch and started taking a walk around the block to the library every day. While I was there I did a little research about natural weight loss. I then went on the internet, travelled to health and new age seminars, and talked to nutritionists and exercise experts, to see what the best ways were to lose weight naturally. As I went to great lengths to change my lifestyle, so the pounds peeled off as well. All of them told me the same thing. "Natural and Healthy Weight Loss Does Not Happen Overnight!" Before the year was over I had made my goal weight of 160 pounds. I had lost 112 pounds in total. Do You Want to Peel Those Pounds Off This Year? Without Medication? Without Side Effects? Without Dieting or Spending a Ton of Money on Supplements, Drugs or Strange Weight Loss Gimmicks! Losing Weight Natures Way is Your Answer Have faith. Inside this eBook are the most powerful techniques that I could find anywhere for eliminating excess weight without the use of medication. You dont need to use medications or alternative therapies. You will not have to spend any more money on expensive therapist or doctor visits. By practicing my technique - Your pounds will disappear. Your confidence will escalate And best of all - your weight loss will last forever! Whether you are at home or at work it just takes seconds for you to implement this program. You can perform this technique whenever or wherever you happen to be whether you are work, at the mall or socializing with friends.
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