“Would You Like To Discover The 4-Step Formula Guaranteed To Turn Any Online Product Into A Runaway Bestseller?” How To Make Tens Of $Thousands In Profits Each & Every Month How would you like to discover a proven system for making practically unlimited profits on demand selling free-to-deliver digital products? (They don't even have to be your own - you can profit just as much promoting other people's products!) Remember the author of the copywriting bible "Make Your Words Sell." This eBook has sold thousands upon thousands of copies world wide ... Clients happily pay him $12,000 (and often even more) to write just one piece of sales copy for them. He's actually so in demand he turns down new clients every week! Even before the internet came on the scene, he was running hugely successful businesses ranging from one offering "Wedding Car Services" all the way through to writing and selling niche business reports. Exactly how he made such a diverse range of businesses predictably successful and hugely profitable is what he now reveals to others. Some people consider him the best direct response copywriter on the internet. A bold statement I'm sure you'll agree! He's a founding member of i-Cop - the "International Council Of Online Professionals". A badge reserved only for web professionals who "Adhere To The Highest Standards Of Business Ethics". Okay, enough teasing... I'm talking about Joe Robson of course. However, just in case you've not heard of Joe before, all you need to do is search for "Joe Robson" in Google and you'll immediately see thousands of websites saying nothing but good things about him and his products. This Usually Costs $300 An Hour. But Today... Because of Joe's vast and proven business and marketing experience, his time does NOT come cheap. For consulting you would have to pay a minimum of $300 – just for an hour of his time. However, not today, and here's why... I very recently spent two hours on the phone with Joe grilling him in depth about just one subject. And luckily, he's allowing me to share this uncensored marketing session with you ... In those two hours, here's the question I got Joe to answer in great detail: "Joe, What's The Exact System You Use To Consistently And Predictably Make Tens Of Thousands In Online Profits Every Single Month (Even When You're On Vacation) From Free-To-Deliver And Easy-To-Make Digital Products?" And you'll be glad to hear that Joe was very forthcoming, completely spilling the beans on the exact tactics he uses to turn nearly every single digital product he creates (and also products he just buys the resale rights to) into MAJOR money spinners. And more importantly -- how you can too! This is what is contained in "Instant Income Boost" Here's the deal ... This private and exclusive marketing session is delivered to you in 117 minutes of audio, plus you’ll also receive the full uncensored 32 page transcript. Here is just a taste of what you'll discover as soon as you get this in your hands: Want to know the quick and easy way to get anyone's attention online? I guarantee this tactic will surprise you. How to avoid the "Product Bonus" pitfall guaranteed to lose you a LOT of sales. Even experienced marketers make this mistake and lose a ton of money because of it. Get this download and you'll know better! How to get your affiliates excited about making you money! Discover how Joe got one of his affiliates so motivated that he made $4,500 in commissions… in less than one week! Finally Revealed: Joe's four step system guaranteed to explode the sales of any product. Discover the one quick and easy change to your website that can double your sales almost overnight ... (and no, it's not the headline!) Want to raise your product price and make just as many sales? Sound crazy? Well, Joe shows you exactly how to do this and skyrocket your profits - without annoying any of your visitors or customers. Discover the exact steps Joe took for turning a resale rights product that others were selling unsuccessfully (some were even giving it away) into a website that now has an amazingly high 6% visitor-to-customer conversion rate - at $40 a pop! Why so many "gurus" are DEAD WRONG about testing, and why listening to them can lose you a pile of money. How to instantly gain the trust of your visitors with just one simple sentence. Discover exactly how Joe spent $300 on resale rights eBooks that had been seen all over the Net, and within two weeks turned them into well over $12,000 in profits! Announcing -- The Second Half Of The Sales Puzzle Here's the scoop... A little over a year ago I was fortunate enough to spend four hours on the phone with Alex Mandossian (one of the top freelance marketers and copywriters in America). For the first time ever he revealed the exact ten-step copywriting system he’s used to make well over $200,000,000 (yes, that's 200 Million!) in direct sales. And what's more -- Alex admitted that it was the first time he had ever revealed this system in public! You Get The Never-Before-Seen *Four Hour* Audio & Transcript Where For The First Time EVER Alex Mandossian Reveals His Private, Proven And Easy To Use 10-Step System For Writing Copy That Is Directly Responsible For Making Over $200,000,000 In Sales! Here’s just a taste of what you'll uncover as soon as you get this huge 4 hour audio along with the full 91 page transcript: Discover the exact marketing system Alex uses to turn less than 125 website visitors a day into almost $1,000 in daily sales! How to boost your online profits by 21% in less than twenty minutes! Want to get 90% of your copy automatically written for you, without resorting to expensive software? Alex reveals how. Discover the fast way to write an order page guaranteed to close the sale. How to use Alex's "Advanced Matrix" formula for getting customers happily spending a LOT more money with you. Want to know the one word that doubled one product’s worldwide sales? Discover the psychological motivator you must use to easily sell busloads more of your products! Want to know the proven tactics for creating order pages that convert as high at 42%? How to present the price the right way and maximize your sales. How to add a popup to your site that beats every single popup blocker on the market - AND - greatly increases the value of every visitor to your site. Discover how to test your headline, getting reliable results back in less than one day. The four questions you must answer for your visitor in the first 250 words if you want any chance at all of making the sale. Discover the automatic way to make more money from your customer after the order. How to turn visitor surveys into fast cash. Want to know the email subject lines guaranteed to get opened and read? Place your order right now and get the six exclusive hours with these two world class marketers for the introductory low price of only $17, and you'll have access to the marketing and promotion secrets that make Joe Robson & Alex Mandossian tens of thousands in online profits every single month without fail! That’s right – this virtual roadmap to success, with nothing left out – for this low, low one time outlay. Please don’t let this low price tag fool you - I’m making it available at a special introductory offer. But as they say, if you snooze – you lose. Come back later, and you could very well see a larger (much larger!) cost. Hit The Ground Running… Resale Rights Included If you’re at all hesitating, here’s one extra benefit that’s bound to change your mind: Not only will you get immediate access to all the audio and transcripts, and not only will you be getting them at one great price, you’ll also be receiving reprint rights as well! You can profit right away by selling this yourself. (How’s that for a deal clincher!) All the instructions, everything you need will be included as soon as you order. This exceptionally insightful blueprint for success - audio & transcripts... An effective, professional sales letter (like the one you’re reading now), and… A professionally designed website with great looking graphics… It’s like receiving a business in a box, all you have to do is open it up and let it go to work for you. So why wait… grab Instant Income Boost today, and start building your way to internet riches tomorrow! It’s one decision you won’t regret making. Here’s to easily boosting your online income, Sincerely, Solomon P.S. I can’t guarantee how much longer I'll be offering this exclusive tutorial with resale rights at this low introductory price. So grab yours now... and get instant access.
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