"You Can Make Money Online Without Any Out of Pocket Expenses" Are you willing to put in some time & effort if you knew you could really make some money for your efforts? Are you someone that can honestly say that you have a strong will and desire to succeed? Are you someone that can follow a simple step-by-step plan if it is laid out in a plain easy to follow way? Then you have what it takes to succeed with our totally brand new step-by-step video training program! We realized that money was unfortunately an issue that was holding people back from actually getting started so we got the rights to a system that teaches you an entire affiliate marketing system without having to invest a dime. We take you from market research to setting up a free website to even marketing the website using powerful free online marketing techniques that are safe even with the latest Google updates! "38 Step-By-Step Content Rich Videos Show You How Right Before Your Eyes..." Once we mastered this system we wanted to make sure we presented the materials in an easy to follow formula so you can actually follow along. We have compiled a total of 38 powerful videos that show you every step of the way how to be wildly successful online without having to invest anything at all! Introducing Free Cash Generator!... This powerful 26 module video series with 38 videos covers the following: Module 1 - Overview of System • In this 15:53 video, you will learn how to make money online with no out-of-pocket expenses. • Learn the basics of Affiliate Marketing: what it is and how to effectively use it. • Become acquainted with useful strategies that will help you gain traffic for your affiliate site. Module 2 - Finding Your Niche To Promote • In this 28:06 video, you will learn about profitable niche markets and how to find the most lucrative niches. • Finding profitable niche is easy to do, all you need is common sense and an internet connection. • There are many, many sites that can help you in finding profitable niche markets and topics to focus content on. • In this 10:23 video you will learn how to become an affiliate and the steps in promoting a product. • Affiliate marketing works for physical and digital products, both methods are covered. • The process for signing up for AmazonAffiliates and Click bank are explained and demonstrated. • Focus on one product at any time to maximize profits for the work you are doing. Module 3 - Software and Services Needed for System To Work • In this 20:26 video, find out what kind of preparation is needed to start making money with Affiliate Marketing. • Set up an email account for this specific product effort, you will be using many different websites so having a dedicated email will help with organization. • Free website builders are great resources to help increase profits form Affiliate Marketing. • In this video, you will learn how to obtain your own domain name through paid options. • Paid domain names are useful after utilizing free domain names. • Good for long-term investments. Module 4 - Content Creation • In this 15:05 video, learn how to create topic appropriate content for the product you are promoting. • Product reviews are great for bringing in traffic to your site, this tutorial will cover how to write a successful review. • There are many tips and tricks you can use to streamline your reviewing process, increasing your overall profits. • Utilize websites that find keywords you can use on your affiliate website to increase traffic. Module 5 - Setup Listwire Account for List Management • In this 6:57 video, discover what auto responders are and how they help your affiliate sites run smoother. • Create a free listwire.com account to help run your website while you are working on other projects. • It is imperative that you give listwire a valid postal address or else your account will not function properly. Module 6 - Grab your Clickbank and Amazon Affiliate Link • In this 3:54 video, you are shown how to grab your ClickBank affiliate link and use it on your free webpage. • Utilize notepad or other word processors to store your affiliate link. • Test your affiliate link to ensure that you are receiving credit for any purchases made through your website. • In this 5:14 video, you will learn how to grab your Amazon affiliate link so that you may use it on your website. • Utilize notepad or other word processors to store your affiliate link. • Amazon offers many ways for you to use your affiliate link, offering text and image options. • Test your affiliate link to ensure that you are receiving credit for any purchases made through your website. Module 7 - Setup of Your Free Site On Weebly (Amazon and Clickbank Setup) • In this 12:53 video, find out how to set up, post on, and edit your Weebly website. • Setting up your weebly page and posting your product content is quick and easy to do. • Figure out the basics of getting your website filled out with relevant content to increase traffic. • Check your site’s links to make sure everything functions properly. • In this 14:26 video, see what you need to do in order for you website to look clean and professional. • Utilize a free stock image website to give your website a clean and crisp appearance. • Create and add product content to a blog page hosted through your Weebly webpage. • In this 16:39, find out how to setup weebly for your amazon product. • Customize your affiliate website for your amazon product to maximize traffic • Post product content to your affiliate website in a clean, professional manner. • Utilize HTML code to increase the quality of your affiliate website. Module 8 - Create Your Free Report for List Building • In this 26:04, you will create a free report to give away in order to get email addresses onto your list. • Free reports are great ways to set up long term income that you will definitely want. • Use existing articles to create a report of your affiliate product that will act as a “legal bribe.” • In this 1:41 video, you will see how you can create a free report for amazon products. • Websites that offer the use of articles for free are great for creating a free report for your affiliate product. • In this 3:26 video, learn how to upload your pdf file for use in your auto-response email. • Download your free pdf to integrate into listwire and save url to your pdf to utilize on your affiliate website. Module 9 - Working With Listwire & Creating Your Optin Page On Your Free Site for List Building • In this 22:09 video, you will set up your listwire auto-responder and integrate your free report with listwire. • Listwire is a free and easy way to increase the efficiency of your affiliate website by using Listwire’s auto-responder. • When making an automated response, be sure to make it polite and informative. • Create email submission boxes for perspective buyers to request a free report. Module 10 - Traffic Generation Overview • In this 12:43 video, find out how to make your affiliate website bring in traffic. • Have a few articles, 400+ words, posted on your website to give it a more professional appearance and increase traffic. • Social bookmarking is a viable approach to increasing traffic for your site. • Create other blogs to funnel traffic back to your affiliate website. Module 11 - Traffic With Social Bookmarking • In this 20:07 video, check out buddy marks and find out how to best use it to increase traffic for your affiliate site. • Use a content rich internal link to ensure that your link is not taken down. • The more social bookmarking sites you utilize, the more exposure your affiliate site will receive . • Social Bookmarking is an excellent method of increasing traffic to your affiliate site. Module 12 - Traffic With Article Marketing • In this 21:12 video, you will be shown step by step how to best utilize article marketing to increase traffic to your affiliate website. • Submit your content articles to article directories that will host and link back to your affiliate site.
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