Three Powerful Strategies for Making a Million Dollars Online "You're about to Discover the Exact Strategies I Used to Build a Million-Dollar Internet Business! Strategy #1: Selling Information Products Three years ago, I was a computer programmer working for an hourly wage like everyone else. I was creating software for Internet marketers who were making 10 times what I made and working half as hard... And like a lot of people, I was frustrated with my job and looking for a way out... Here's how I made my first $3,000 online and finally quit my day job... I bought resell rights to quality products I set up simple squeeze pages with free offers I got affiliates to promote for a cut of the profits ...all I had to do was modify the sales letter, create a squeeze page and recruit affiliates to give away my free offer. That's as easy as it gets my friend! And after you do this a few times, it only takes a day to set up a new offer and make thousands of dollars overnight. Once my online income reached my regular income of $3,000, I quit my job. Finally! I was working full time on the Internet... The next thing I did was create my own product. I simply wrote an outline and invested the money I earned in the services of a good writer. Then I "plugged it in" to my existing affiliate base and they ate it up. And that brings us to... Strategy #2: Building an Affiliate Sales Force I'm not gonna try to convince you that having your own affiliate program will make you rich. But It obvious works like crazy for me and I have no doubt it will work for you. Affiliates send me thousands of visitors every day! Affiliates built my list of over 76,000 subscribers Affiliates generated $439,116 in sales for me in a single year And all you have to do is come up with quality products to promote! It's like turning on a traffic switch...and the best part is, you don't have to pay a penny until you get the sale! Hint: There are secrets to getting affiliates excited about your offers. And you'll get all the details in my Surefire Profits Marketing Course. Look at it this can spend your time or money getting 1,000 people to your site or you can get 10 affiliates to send you 100 visitors each. When you harness the power of affiliates, you can build a list for FREE and you only pay when they generate sales! Here's a very conservative scenario for you... Let's say you have a site with a squeeze page that converts 30% of your visitors and a product that sells for $20 and converts 5% of your leads into sales. As I said, those are extremely conservative numbers. But I don't want to be unrealistic. If you could get 100 people to send you just 20 visitors per month, you would generate 800 leads and $800 in sales. But it gets even better...because the 95% who didn't buy are on your list and you can follow up, make more sales, and promote multiple affiliate products too! In a few minutes, I'll show you how to set up an affiliate program and build an army of affiliates to promote for you. But first, let's take a look at... Strategy #3: Starting a Membership Site If you want to make five figures per month...I'm talking $10,000 to $50,000 every month, then you need to take it up a notch and add a continuity program (membership site) to your business model. When I opened my first membership site my income jumped to $10,000! And it just kept growing every single month. Recurring income is what keeps my business alive when I take vacations or just feel like getting out on my boat in the summer time. You can take time off and the payments just keep coming in like clockwork. Here's how it works: Create three months of your high-quality content in advance... Add the first month content and some bonuses to your blog... Offer a free or $1 trial for the first 14 days that roles into a monthly payment... Send email updates and remind them what's coming next! This is the easiest way to build and retain a membership base...and when those payments start coming in you're gonna wish you had done this sooner! And the best part is... You do NOT have to create the content! You just come up with an idea and then outsource the work or buy the content. If you had 100 members paying you $20 per month, would you be willing to pay $500 for the content? You can even outsource the maintenance. One of my membership sites is 100% hands free because I pay someone to upload the content every month. And that site continues to churn out thousands of dollars every month! Let me ask you a question... How many ebooks would you have to sell at $27 each to make $100,000 in a year? Assuming your transaction fee is around two dollars, you'd have to sell 4,000 ebooks, which is 333 per month, or 11 per day. Let me ask you another question... Do you think you could get 100 people to give you $20 per month? If you did that every month, you'd have $2,000 compounded monthly, which is $156,000 after one year plus $12,000 in monthly residual income! And if you think it's too hard to set one up and create new content every month, it's not. I'll show you how to get your membership site up and running in less than a week without doing any of the hard work yourself! Now I'm not saying you shouldn't sell ebooks. They make great front-end products and you can build a huge list by giving your affiliates most of the commissions. But if you want to build massive recurring income then you eventually need to start a membership site. Note: I'll teach you everything you need to know about setting up membership sites, adding upsells and downsells and making tons of money in my Surefire Profits Marketing Course! But before I give you all the details... I want to tell you about the secret to my success... Helping Others Succeed! Zig Ziglar said, "If you help enough people get what they want, you'll get exactly what you want." That's it! That's the million-dollar secret and you can use it to be incredibly successful online. Here's how to get rich on the Internet: First, you need a sales process that converts. Your affiliates won't continue promoting you if they're not making money -- plain and simple... Second, you need a follow-up system that gets people back to your sales page to make more sales for your affiliates... Third, you need promotion tools that your affiliates can use to drive traffic to your site and contests to keep them motivated... Now did you notice that I'm placing all the focus on the affiliate? To me, making money online is all about empowering people, gaining their trust, and getting them to help you build your business. And you do this with honesty, integrity, and sincerity. Let Me Help YOU Succeed... My #1 goal is your success and I am highly motivated to help you...because I know that you'll be so grateful and excited about your own success, that you'll tell others about this system and they'll make money and tell more people and so on... And of course you will make money by referring other people, which helps you even more. That's a pretty cool concept...don't you think? Now stop for a minute and think about how you can integrate that philosophy into your marketing. You can make a LOT of money by helping others succeed at making money, saving money, looking beautiful, losing weight, getting better sleep, saving on gas, and the list goes just need a system that will help you get your information out to the people who need it. And you can get started right now with... The Surefire Profits System If you follow my step-by-step plan, you could have your product ready, your website up, and your affiliate program ready to launch in the next 30 days. (This could be the most intense and ultimately profitable four weeks of your life!) Module One: Your Battle Plan Module Two: Setting Up Your Business Module Three: Deciding What to Sell Module Five: Creating Your Product Module Six: Launching Your Affiliate Program In this final module, you will learn: How to create promotion tools for your affiliates and the bare minimum you'll need to get your affiliate program going Where to get high-quality graphics done at a fraction of the going price Where to find JV partners and how to get them to promote for you Why social networking is much more effective than the shotgun approach when it comes to making deals The one thing that super affiliates really care about (hint: it's not the commission rate you're paying) How to structure your commissions and make an offer that affiliates can't refuse The best way to motivate affiliates and get a burst of new sales every month GRAB THIS WITHOUT HESITATION
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