Features Ventilation-Limited Fires in Residential Buildings Firefighters used to breathe a sigh of relief when they found fire showing from a window or two on arrival: Visible fire meant you knew the fire's location, and a simple check by the first-arriving truck officer would define the fire area. Compressed Air Foam and Structural Firefighting Research A new study, funded by the Department of Homeland Security's Assistance to Firefighters Grants, is investigating the effectiveness, limitations, and potential safety concerns of compressed air foam systems (CAFS) for structural firefighting. Memory Aids Mnemonics and Acronyms A Company Officers Perspective Company officers and line battalion chiefs have some overlapping responsibilities on the fireground. How Many Personal Computers Do We Need in the Stations? The need for efficient communication, mandated data collection and reporting, and computer-based training methods has digitized the fire service. Pursuing Proactive Fire Service Solutions Chevrolet introduced one of the first commercially available gasoline injection systems in an American-made car. Configuring Power Blowers Within the scope of the course Postgraduate Studies in Fire Safety Engineering, I wrote a thesis on the use of power blowers for staircase ventilation. Crew Resource Management The Elephant in the Fire Station It is three o'clock in the morning, and your engine or truck company is toned out to a working structure fire in an apartment building. Pump Panel Leadership Pump panel leader (PPL) relates to the position of the new company lieutenant or junior officer and even the senior firefighter. Departments Editor's Opinion - Culture Wars It seems as if we're in the middle of a culture war in the fire service. Lately, you hear a lot more people talking passionately about the culture of the fire service. Volunteers Corner - Starting Over-Again Some of life's most stresSful events may include the birth or death of a loved one, moving, starting a new job, marriage or divorce, and family or financial issues. Training Notebook - The Six Ts of Fire Service Learning While responding to the Sawtooth Wildland Fires, a series of wildfires that occurred in California's San Bernardino County in the summer of 2006, my engine crew and I became trapped inside a garage in a burnover. Web Watch -(fireengineering.com) I remember when the Toledo (OH) Fire/Rescue Department got its first thermal imaging cameras (TICs)-two or three helmet-mounted ones. Fire Focus - Factory Building Fire A factory is reported on fire, and the Emergency Communications Center is getting numerous calls. The fire is in an older factory type of building. This is what happened in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in an old mill-type factory building. fireEMS - The Vaccination "Disconnect" Since the time of HippoCRATES, the first responsibility of health care has been to provide good patient care. News In Brief - CT firefighter receives Downey Courage & Valor Award Firefighter William J. O'Connell, of the Stamford (CT) Fire Rescue Department, was presented with the 2013 Ray Downey Courage & Valor Award during the April 24 Opening Ceremonies of the 2013 Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) in Indianapolis. Letters to the Editor - (July 2013) I appreciate the thought and effort put into the issues on the response to Hurricane Sandy. Bruno "Unplugged" - Fit For Duty the Emotional Component For the past two columns, we have had an unplugged discussion about what it takes for us to deliver service using the human part of our inventory of response capabilities. Apparatus Deliveries The Carmel Highlands (CA) FPD operates this HME pumper with four-wheel-drive. Company/Association News BIOFIRE DIAGNOSTICS, INC.'s FilmArray system received U.S. Patent No. 8,394,608 from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Names in the News Howard County (MD) Department of Fire and Rescue Services CAPTAIN DALE BECKER was named one of the top 10 emergency medical services (EMS) innovators in the country by the Journal of Emergency Medical Services for his work to advance the method in which emergency medical crews administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). On Fire - Like Clockwork Starting up the apparatus AND hearing the buzzing of the low-air-pressure alarm is always aggravating, especially when we are responding first due for a fire in a dwelling.
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