Helps the immune system defend the body Tasteless and non-toxic 10 parts per million strength Support a healthy immune system with Silver Biotics, a colloidal silver preparation that is 96.8% bioavailable to the body. Hundreds of tests have been completed on Silver Biotics at independent government certified labs, both domestic and international, as well as numerous universities and government sponsored labs, and has found to be effective and safe, even when used daily. If taken on a long term basis, however, it is a good idea to supplement with acidophilus to replenish the friendly flora of the intestinal tract. Made with SilverSol Technology. Colloidal Silver is a natural remedy that I've used for years. I use it to shorten the duration of sicknesses, as well as building up the immune system to prevent sickness. What is colloidal silver? Colloidal silver is a solution that contains different concentrations of ionic silver. It is made by suspending very tiny particles of silver in pure water. The history of colloidal silver In the 1800's and early 1900's, farmers used silver products to keep milk fresh without refrigeration. Colloidal Silver was used as an effective antibiotic by most doctors before 1940. As medicine expanded and new medication was developed, colloidal silver was soon forgotten for the most part in the mainstream medical field. Why silver and not antibiotics? I do believe that antibiotics may be necessary at times for serious situations, but they are, in my opinion, very over-prescribed. While antibiotics do effectively kill the growth and reproduction of bacteria, they also kill our body's good bacteria and compromise our gut health. Many present day bacteria are able to breed new and more powerful strains that can become resistant to antibiotics over time. Bacteria and viruses are not resistant to colloidal silver, making silver an effective treatment for any sickness. What about the risk of Argyria? Argyria is a result of extreme misuse of silver. This is a condition that causes graying or bluing of the skin if there is a severe build up of silver in the body. If silver products have been consumed in larger quantities than the body is able to dispose of, argyria can occur. This condition is very rare even among those that may misuse silver by consuming very large quantities over a long period of time. Silver products alone do not have known negative side effects if used in reasonable amounts. A person would have to consume over 50 times the normal dose every day for a year to reach a possible chance of argyria, or 380 8 oz. bottles a year. Just as we know it would not be safe to consume large amounts of any medication at once, we need to use common sense with natural products as well. Taking a normal spoonful for sickness, or even every day, will not result in turning the skin blue. Usage for Colloidal Silver Colloidal Silver effectively fights: Colds Sinus infections Strep Viruses Bacterial infections Ear Infections - place one drop in each ear 3 times a day for a total of 10 days. Lay on each side for 5 minutes after placing drops in. Respiratory Gastrointestinal Eye infections {including pink eye} - place one drop in each eye 3 times a day for a week or so. Food poisoning Yeast infections Suggested Doses Colloidal silver has been tested to be safe to take every day. I personally prefer not to do this because if the body already has silver in its system, it will not be as effective in fighting a sickness if one arises. If you've been taking silver for a prolonged period of time, you can take a two week break, and it will once again be just as effective at fighting the next sickness. The dose I personally follow when a sickness strikes is a spoonful of silver 3-5 times a day for 10 days. Just like conventional medicine, not taking a natural antibiotic for long enough can result in the sickness lingering and flaring up again. As a preventative, we take a spoonful of silver once a day if an illness is passing through our area. When traveling, we take a spoonful a day for a week before we leave to help build our immune systems for the trip. We also take a spoon a day during the trip to help protect against possible food poisoning, contaminated water and other things that can come with travel. Before using colloidal silver on vacations, one of my children was sure to get sick in some way. Now that we all take silver, we stay healthy for our vacations. Colloidal silver is one thing I do not travel without! Do you use colloidal silver? How does it benefit your family?
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