We will create this Blog for you connecting 5 Important GATEWAY NICHE of SFI & TC Business Marketplace to make your Business more enjoyable, profitable and benefited. This Blog offers are completely exclusive at TripleClicks Store only. ●●● Q&A: Q: Why does a blog necessary for your Business? A: Present Internet Marketing Business is trending to Blogging and contents marketing to capture potential leads. There are five important reasons to have your own blog for your affiliate business. (1) It helps drive more organic traffic to your Blog (2) It helps convert that traffic to potential Leads (3) It helps and increases your social value to different social media and your desired audience. (4) It brings long time positive results for your Business (5) It helps you to capture ton of followers on your Business niche AND SO ON... So it does reflect that by blogging you can share your “Make Money Idea & thoughts”. You can share about SFI/TC Marketplace to your Audience as much as possible by posting ARTICLES. What exactly I mean here you can follow the example given bellow: Let's say you sit down for some hour for writing, and publish a blog post today. Let's say that blog post drives to your Blog 200 views and 10 leads. Suppose, you get another 100 views and 5 leads tomorrow as a few more people find it on social media and some of your subscribers get caught up on their email and RSS. This way you can get more views and more traffic to your blog which completely may drive to potential Leads and achieve you a lot of PSAs, CSAs & PRM. ●●● Here are some special Tips for you to connect your Blog with Social Media. Successful Networking Marketers always, concentrate on Online Audience. Your online Audience means the lists of people who are always interested to hear from you, to follow you. Regarding, you can connect your various Audience like as- FB FAN, Twitter FAN and many more in a single place which is your Blog. You can display anything related your business for motivating your Audience. And there are many more opportunity having a blog for your Networking Marketing Business! If you haven't one already, try to have this product Today, Immediately. Tips: Recommended Tips for integrating Blog with Social media as Follows: *** Get Your Blog *** Create your Fan page on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn an many more. Give Headline on each Fan page same as your Blog. *** Then also create a Community Group Page for your Facebook Pan Page. Connect your page with Group. Allow people to post and display their Business ads. Invite more people to join in your Group. In a time, display your SFI ads post to feather post selecting pinned post in your Group. *** In Fan page, connect your blog address on CTA button *** Share and post only about SFI Business. This will increase more trust and awareness about your Business. ●●● Q: What will be included in this Blog? A: The blog is only for SFI/TC Business. Below are the complete lists will come with this (Blog for Affiliate Marketers optimized with SFI and TC Business Niche only) 1. One easy Blog maintaining Dashboard 2. You will get main 6 pages including “HOME PAGE” and other important 5 pages focusing your SFI Business (5 Pages implemented with redirection with your business gateway link). 3. Unlimited SFI banner ads slot (For PSA recruitment) 4. Unlimited TripleClicks banner ads included (For PRM recruitment) 5. ECA banner ads included (For ECA) 6. Pricebenders banner ads included (For online bidder recruitment) 7. 1 Pop-up Ads included (For PSA recruitment) 8. Your Join my team banner 9. Social Media sharing and maintenance options 10. TripleClicks hot sale Products displayed 11. Unlimited posts available [we will guide you how to posts] 12. Blinking & Treasured pop-up technology for sending visitors to your Gateway Link directly. 13. Text pop-up window for driving visitors to your gateway link upon their choice 14. SFI Primary Training Video Displayed 15. 2 Sidebar Slot in Blog 16. Responsive Modern Header with CTA Button 17. Accepting your requesting to connect your social media with your Blog 18. You eligible to request any other customization request 19. One FREE “Blog Building E-book which worth hundreds of Dollars. 20. 90 days support from the date of delivery. 21. Blog compatible for any device including Mobile Friendly 22. 1 gifted Sample Article posted in your Blog 23. Blog will be submitted to Google Search Engine by us 24. SPECIAL NEW YEAR FREE GIFT!! ●●●1 Flyers Page for SFI/TC ●●●1 Special visual E-book for Blogging Q: I want to customize my Blog, so am I able to edit or change anything from this Blog? A: Yes, the Blog will be registered on your name. So the complete access information will be sent to you once your order status marked at delivered/shipped. So then you can change whatever you need. Q: I purchased the blog but I don't know how to post in my Articles or change anything what I wish. Will be available any further help? A: Yes, we will guide you how to post or change something in your Blog. You are welcome and free to ask us any question until 30 days from your purchase date. Q: I know a little bit about Blogging. I tried something to edit but my blog showing error and not found in search engine. What next? A: We will recover it for you for free of services. Q: I purchased this blog but I don't know how to submit it search engine. What next? A: We will be submitting your Blog to some famous search engine when we build it. You need nothing to do for search engines submission. Q: I purchased this blog but I am not satisfied. What next? A: This Product’s offer came with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. So if you are not satisfied claim refund within the next day of delivery from TripleClicks. ●●● Note: This Product is only for SFI/TC Business marketplace ●●● Note: After placing your Order with TripleClicks, keep check your email in next day. We will ask you for some information which necessary for starting your Project. Be notified that we will send the email from same one which located at our shop’s CONTACT INFO.
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