FOR YOUR READING EYES ONLY: 1. This Item Is approved for listing BUT NOT READY to take your Order yet 2. SFI Programmer is trying to design an extension in my SFI Coop Manager to allow me to re-assign to the Buyer this Day-1 Instant EA 3. This ALERT NOTICE will be removed as soon as I can re-assign to Buyer's Code "9999" these Day-1 Instant EA. RUBIPRESS DAY-1 INSTANT EA-1500-VP BUSTER STATUS – 30 PSAs-5 PRMs 2-GET COMBO COOP PACK – “EXCLUSIVITY” FROM MY SOURCE – 63% OFF RETAIL - 4 Gs SUCCESS PLAN REMEMBER, to get and keep EA Status - Monthly MINIMUMS: A. 1,500 VPs (minimum 1500 VPs, from sales/purchases/To-Do-List) B. Earn lots of VPs from Launchpad. Contests, Games, Auctions/Shopping and/or Owning TC/Rewardical ECA Store YOU WLL GET MY EXCLUSIVE 4 Gs SUCCESS PLAN AT MY OWN TRAINING WEBSITES: 1. GOALS – Written With Time Schedule 2. GROUP COOP – How To Organize With My Guidance 3. GAIN MOMENTUM – Access My 4 Gs Facebook Group Where We Share Experiences And FAQs 4. GROWTH EXPLOSION – We must lead our own Team to use the Group Coop Way which is the EASIEST METHOD TO Duplicate UNIQUE PERSONAL FREE SERVICE IS DESCRIBED NEXT. I Will Help You Find Your Key Team Leaders – my guidance at the SFI Training websites I am constantly updating. REMEMBER: Understand and then show the power of ALL the other Instant Status Packages too – Instant EA, Instant BTL and Instant STL to help your entire Team move up The Diamond Plan Ladder. At my training websites, you further will get specific details on how to maximize duplication of this Coop Method, which is proven to be the easiest thing to duplicate in SFI. REMEMBER: To receive and keep the title/status of Instant BTL, organize your own Coop asap – to maintain 5 PSAs. Start looking for your Top 5 PSAs and help them grow with your spillovers. Show them the way - that Duplication is best and easiest to do with Coops. For PSAs, the visitors are predominantly home-biz entrepreneurs. We are exposing them to the SFI opportunity as well as the benefits of getting Rewardical tokens from SFI and Localvantia. For PRMs, niche target are games/contest enthusiasts and auctions/shopping lovers. All go through a Funnel System (Landing Page/Sales Page) before they see my SFI “FREE” Affiliate Gateway page, to join SFI, as a PSA-2-Get OR my SFI Tripleclick “GO” Gateway page, to join SFI, as a PRM-2-Get YOUR PSAs/PRMs WILL ARRIVE IN REAL TIME - you receive them as they join SFI. We intend FULL DELIVERY in 7 to 21 days, BUT huge volume orders may take longer. Our ECA PSA KEYCODE IS 1111 They are ALL encouraged to enter a Real Full Name and a valid email when they join SFI as an Affiliate or a Member. RubiPress CANNOT guarantee the accuracy of information the visitors enter during the registration process. PLEASE NOTE that you can order TWO OR MORE OF YOUR CHOSEN ITEM (S) – versus the default choice of just ONE order. PLUS you can order a STANDING MONTHLY ORDER. BEST FOR YOU TO USE MONTHLY AUTO-ORDER TO HAVE PRIORITY. (I may put this Item on hold based on demand) GUARANTEE: RubiPress guarantees that you get the purchased QUANTITY of purchased recruits but CANNOT GUARANTEE THE PERFORMANCE of these PSAs-2-Get, NOR THE ACCURACY OF THEIR ENTERED INFO, because they are NOT our employees. A. The SFI Follow-up Reminder Emails are expected to likely improve activity and performance. B. The SFI Follow-up emails about the Rewardical tokens and the newly launched Localvantia Merchant Program should also help. SFI ENCOURAGES OUR NEW MEMBERS AND AFFILIATES TO: A. Join the FREE Rewardical Program, for them to get the FREE 25 Rewardical tokens. B. SFI encourages them to keep earning Rewardical tokens from SFI – to join as a NEW SFI Affiliate - and also from the listed Localvantia Merchants. ***** For every 10 Rewardicals earned by your PSAs and PRMs, you’ll earn one Rewardical. (Initial 25 FREE Rewardicals are not included) ***** As their personal referrer, each time they place an order at, you'll earn 45% of the CV (Commission Volume)! And because these are PRMs--not SFI Affiliates--you'll ALSO collect all the VersaPoints on each order, which can earn you additional shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool! FOR BEST RESULTS: 1. ASSUME RESPONSIILITY ON HOW ACTIVE YOUR PSAs WILL BECOME - Welcome all your new PSAs. Develop rapport with them as soon as you can using the Chat Service and Team Emailer System. For PRMs, we allow SFI to do all the follow-ups – until they become New SFI Affiliates. Then, you must assume responsibility for generating activity from them by directly contacting them. 2. Offering personal support is preferred to all your PSAs, in addition to my 3 FREE Team Training websites for my customers, which will be emailed to you. A Brand New PLR Membership Marketing Website is now open 3. Encourage use of the SFI Forum itself and the Search Boxes at and for helping everybody get answers to their questions, the quickest way possible, 24/7 4. Encourage ALL PSAs/PRMs to have fun in Games, Contests, Penny Auctions and TripleClicks Shopping while learning Internet Marketing 5. Inform your own team about the power of the SFI Opti-Build and the RubiPress VP-Buster Packages for Instant EA, Instant BTL, Instant STL and Instant GTL VP-Statuses 6. As a RubiPress customer, I will email you 5 SFI Training websites, aside from my Blog and 2 Online Marketing websites. Become a subscriber to my Newsletters
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