RUBIPRESS INSTANT EA 1,500+ VPs 72 PRMs PACK - $62.00 - PLUS NEW VALUABLE BONUSES FRESH NEW SETS OF BONUS GIFTS EVERY 15 DAYS. Special Labor Savings! YOUR PRMs WILL ARRIVE IN REAL TIME - you will receive them as they join SFI through Alert Emails from SFI. We intend FULL DELIVERY of your order in 5 to 15 days, but huge volume orders may take longer. Our ECA PRM KEYCODE IS 1111 PLEASE NOTE that you can order TWO OR MORE OF YOUR CHOSEN ITEM (S). You can order a STANDING MONTHLY ORDER TO GET NEW SETS OF MY VALUABLE NEW BONUSES EVERY 15 DAYS – PLUS YOU GET ORDER PRIORITY. GUARANTEE: RubiPress guarantees that you get the purchased QUANTITY of purchased recruits but CANNOT GUARANTEE THE PERFORMANCE of these Signups, NOR THE ACCURACY OF THEIR ENTERED INFO A. SFI Follow-up Reminder Emails – starting with “Getting Started” Instructions Plus 125 Starter FREE VPs - will likely improve activity and performance. Limited 6 To-Do Banner Icons to click for new signups, will avoid information overload. B. Contacting your new Signups by Chat, Team email and/or Regular Email will help SFI ENCOURAGES OUR NEW MEMBERS AND AFFILIATES TO: A. Join the FREE Rewardical Program, for them to get their FREE Rewardicals B. SFI encourages them to keep earning Rewardical tokens from SFI and also from the listed Localvantia Merchants. FOR BEST RESULTS: 1. ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY ON HOW ACTIVE YOUR PSAs WILL BECOME - Welcome all your new PSAs. Develop rapport with them as soon as you can. SFI takes main responsibility in communicating with your PRMs 2. Offering personal support to your teammates is preferred. Share my 3 FREE Team Training websites. URL address will be emailed to you. 3. Encourage use of the SFI Forum to learn from many SFI worldwide Team Leaders. Use the SFI Launchpad Lessons and the Search Boxes at and - for helping everybody get answers to their questions, the quickest way possible, 24/7. Use Support Tickets 4. Encourage ALL PSAs/PRMs to have fun in Games, Contests, Astro Auctions and TripleClicks Shopping while learning Internet Marketing 5. Inform your own team about the Power of Coops, the SFI Coop Manager, SFI Opti-Build and the RubiPress VP-Buster Packages ***** HERE ARE YOUR VALUABLE BONUS GIFTS: FIRST HALF OF AUGUST 2019: A. Laser-Targeted Marketing 2019 Made Easy - E-book with Selling Price of $9.95 B. Laser-Targeted Marketing 2019 Made Easy - Video Upgrade - Selling Price of $19.95 C. How To Develop Emotional Intelligence Video Upgrade - Selling Price $17.00 SECOND HALF OF AUGUST 2019 = GET NEW GIFT SETS EVERY 15 DAYS IF YOU GO ON AUTO-SHIP: A. Facebook Groups Unleashed - E-book with Selling Price of $7.00 B. Facebook Groups Unleashed Video Upgrade -10 Videos with Selling Price of $17.00 C. Character Building Techniques and Tips E-Book with Selling Price of $17.00
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