A Guide to Social Media, 1 Tweet at a Time Interviews with 40 Marketing Leaders + BONUS Marketing Online By Toby Bloomberg Digital Version Downloadable -- NO shipping or Handling Fees! Foreword Shel Israel : It had to happen—an entire book, one tweet a time, and yet it is a real book that will help you understand what SM is about. SMGPS will tell you the why & how using social media, 1 tweet at a time. You’ll learn essentials in digestible little spoonfuls. The book will explain why old-school broadcast practices are waning and new conversational methods are on the rise. This is the way it should be. These days, companies cannot waste money. They need to cut costs. And SM is MUCH more efficient. Writing a book in tweets is like writing a very long #Haiku series. Reading it should be both interesting and useful. And hopefully, it will encourage you to talk about social media with others. After all, conversations is what SM is about And when you stop to think, conversations are also what marketing is about. It’s not just about messages and targets. It’s not about talking TO, but talking WITH. Marketing is about getting closer with customers, which requires listening at least as much as talking. Which is one of the really cool things about what @TobyDiva has created for you. Because you’ll get to spend more time talking about what she provides here, than it takes you to read it. Will tweeted books replace traditional books? God, I hope not. I have no desire to be put out of business. But #SMGPS is something new and different and will change things just a little. And seems to me to be a very good thing. Enjoy what you are about to read. And tweet us what you think. INTRODUCTION Toby Bloomberg "Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler." – Albert Einstein Dedicated to the pioneers of social media marketing who are showing the world there is a new way to do business. “If you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.” – Eric Jong The back-story: I was curious to see if Twitter could be used to write a business book in a traditional chapter format. My goal is to create a resource for marketers written by the community of social media marketers. An experiment in crowd sourcing. Can a book be written in bites of 140 characters? Curious about new ways to communicate? Please join me in this adventure! Coloring Outside The Lines Social Media Marketing GPS began as an experiment. I wondered if marketers would be receptive to, and find value in, a new book genre built on a succession of tweet interviews about one business topic: social media marketing. The goal was to create a comprehensive body of knowledge that could serve as a roadmap (GPS) for developing a strategic social media plan. My thoughts were if this could be accomplished in a series of 140 character tweets it might help ease the apprehension for people new to social media, while at the same time, providing a review and offering some interesting ideas for those more experienced. Forty prominent marketers from Canada, England, India and the United States were interviewed on Twitter. The focus was on how to leverage social media, not in terms of the technology, but as a vehicle to build and nurture stronger business relationships. Each tweet included the hash tag #smgps. What developed was the first business book of interviews written on Twitter by the people who were working in the space. Twitter became both a content platform and a distribution channel. Lessons Learned Multiple re-tweets (RT) were a strong indication that many of the interview tweets could also stand alone as unique, inspirational thoughts. The following are a few examples of the RTs: “Bottom line on social media: You ARE what you publish. (And what others publish about you.)” – David Meerman Scott “And when you stop to think, conversations are also what marketing is about. It’s not just about messages and targets.” – Shel Israel “The secret power of SM is not in the search rankings or new channel messaging but the ability to build cross cultural relationships.” – Toby Bloomberg “Core strategy = Go where the conversations are. We’ve had ups and downs in our social media efforts and will continue to do so.” – Lionel Menchaca “In the end doesn’t it come down to who we are and how we define a REAL relationship?” – Liz Strauss Although people seemed to enjoy the all tweet interview series, Twitter streams move too quickly and even people following missed many of the tweets. It was a challenge comprehending how the chapters came together as a cohesive body of work that could be used to build a social media strategy. The initial solution was to consolidate the interviews on a blog. That helped but was still not the optimal approach to delivering the extent of information that had been created. The next logical step was to create this eBook. For People New To Twitter Twitter has developed a unique language all its own. Content is referred to as tweets. Since Twitter allows only 140 characters per tweet, people often collapse the spelling of words, ignore traditional grammar rules and/or make up their own abbreviations. For example, in the following Twitter interviews you’ll find social media referred to as sm, SM and SoMe. The photo, that introduces each interview and those on the front cover, are the Twitter avatars of the interviewees. The boxes that highlight a tweet in each interview are some of the thoughts I found insightful. Throughout the interviews you’ll see hash tags - #. Hash tags are a way to create and track group thoughts on a topic. Twitter also turns them into live links. If everyone who tweets about Social Media Marketing GPS uses the hash tag #smgps we’ll be able to continue the conversation together. On A Personal Note Since 2004, when I began my adventures in social media, my passion has been to help marketers view social media as a credible strategy. From blogs to social networks, if tactics are developed with your customers at the heart, social media can support and extend the value of your brand. It is my hope that the insights and ideas in this book will encourage you to color outside the lines and test the limits of this exciting approach to building stronger business relationships.
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