Hemorrhoid Cure, Extremely Effective Treatment of Piles About the Product: Altsberglotion - Hemorrhoid Cure is a natural compound that in the synergy of herbs and pure essential oils successfully removes the inflammation of Hemorrhoids (Piles). Itching, pains, bleeding, disappear after a few days. We use essential oils of three species of plants for making Altsberglotion : Marigold (Calendula officinalis), St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum) and Yarrow (Achillea millefolium). Lanolyn, which holds the balm, is the animal fat that is obtained by processing the sheep wool and has a very beneficial effect on damaged and sore tissue. Altsberglotion against the hemorrhoids is currently the best cure in the market for a successful, fast and Extremely Effective treatment of both External, and Internal Hemorrhoids. Altsberglotion - Hemorrhoids Cureis an all natural formulation using pure essential oils to relieve the pain, itching and swelling of Hemorrhoids. Extremely Effective Treatment of Piles, fast and powerful. ADVANTAGES COMPARED TO OTHER PRODUCTS: Rapidly eliminates pain and itching. Easy absorbable and facilitates digestion. Stops bleeding and has a strong antiseptic effect. Safe for pregnant women Safe for breastfeeding women Contraindication – NO! *** Users Altsberglotion have very good results and these are some of the added comments. '' All praise for the balm is great, that before she knew it would be good. '' Jana '' Ten days use a balm for hemorrhoids and I'm pleased effectiveness of the preparation. Two months ago I started to feel discomfort due to hemorrhoids and even have problems with mobility - walking ... I tried some creams but was inefficient, and with this balm for a couple of days I started to move almost normally without any problems and discomfort .. I sincerely recommend it to anyone who has these problems. Bojan '' " Dear friends, my name is Dawn Korićanac. Living in Santee and I bring to you regarding your product altsberglotion against piles, when using it for twenty days and I am very grateful. Fact, I had abdominal aneurysm surgery about two months ago and after surgery i for difficult digestion and hard stools got sore Foreign and by God, and internal hemorrhoids. found out through the media and read the magazine Altsberglotion hemorrhoids. Everyday i applied it and i can honestly tell you that i was right after a couple of days have been much better . Pain and bleeding drastically reduce the itching just disappeared. preparation is easy to use and also very powerful and efficient. still i continued to use it and recommend to my sister who has a problem with hemorrhoids since birth and friends. want to thank you for this product and continue to remain so successful. " '' External hemorrhoids I gained during her pregnancy with this problem fighting for more than ten years. Severe pain and bleeding in the stool was very often unbearable, and until October 2012 year. When I started kosristim Altsberglotion hemorrhoids. At first I was suspicious and thought that this is one of many products in addition to good advertising do not have anything else. But it was not, believe that after only three days lubrication felt incredibly relieved, and after two weeks of pain, bleeding and itching disappeared. I still always have a home in a box of balsam, to be found in God forbid. As soon as you notice a change right now I'm putting a balm but for now I have no problems with hemorrhoids. I've already talked about some of the friends of the effectiveness of this product so that some of your users have become salves for hemorrhoids, and we are very grateful for the recommendation. With this letter, I wish to express my gratitude to you for rescuing me. I wish you all the best. VESELINKA Joksimovic, Ljubovija, accountant '' Peter Colic, Niš, driver Nišekspres a " Hemorrhoids are an occupational disease of drivers, so no I did not go around. Samo colleagues who have the same problems with hemorrhoids as I have them know what a pain, especially when the summer months, you just have to to work on the buttocks roasting, baking and unseen pain. Not to mention the cartridges that I put as a woman I would not bleed my pants and the seat. I was really struggling. For Altsberglotion hemorrhoids I learned from the magazine and said a box for the test. It's amazing, if you can believe it, but after only 3 days smearing, bleeding and pain stopped !!! Since then a year has passed, and I was due to the nature of work sometimes back again but spreadable balm of God's salvation !! Trust me on that day, in my house you simply have to have. This letter of mine feel free to post it because I want to share my experience with others in similar distress. " '' Very satisfied '' Milan ------------------------------------------- Directions for use: Wash the affected area with lukewarm water and neutral soap. Apply the remedy three times a day to affected area, last time before bedtime. Duration of treatment is a minimum of ten days. It is not necessary to keep any diet during the implementation of the therapy but the recommendation is to avoid alcohol, spicy and seasoned foods and coffee. If there is bleeding, freely increase the number of coatings. Notes:Hemorrhoid Treatment Ingredients: Aqua, Glycerin, Lanolyn, Calendula officinalis Ex., Hypericum perforatum Ex., Achillea millefolium L.Ex., Ac.Boricum, Povidone-iodine. Natural oil. Certificate for the product issued by "The Public Health Institute in Nis - Center for Hygiene and Human Ecology" Shelf life 12 months from the shipment date. Only for the external use following the enclosed instructions. Store the Balm in a dark, dry place away from children, at temperatures below 20 C. Packing: 60 ml. Delivery time: 12-14 working days.
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