AUDIOBOOK Chronicles of Canada Volume 10 "A Chronicle of Montcalm"

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Total Running Time 2:58:15 Montcalm is, of course, a very prominent character in every history of New France. This book gives a brief history of the Montcalm family in France and it's importance in wars. It continues with it's descendant as he moves to Canada and defends the French colony of Ticonderoga. Contents: 01 - Montcalm in France 1712-1756 - Run Time 00:14:48 02 - Montcalm in Canada 1756 - Run Time 00:16:34 03 - Oswego 1756 - Run Time 00:18:32 04 - Fort William Henry 1757 - Run Time 00:30:20 05 - Ticonderoga1758 - Run Time 00:40:50 06 - Quebec 1757 - Run Time 00:30:25 07 - The Plains of Abraham September 13, 1759 - Run Time 00:26:46 This product is an Audiobook in MP3 Format on CD, the audio will play only on MP3 compatible players. The disks will appear blank on CD Players that do not read MP3 Formats. Some items sold by The Again Shop can be found less expensive or even free with some INTERNET downloads. The small cost charged by The Again Shop is for the media and time provided. The Again Shop produces Audiobooks from out of copyright books, speeches and essays. Disks are in a paper sleeve and do not have disk labeling to keep cost down and make our Audiobooks affordable. All disks are quality checked for sound quality. The Audiobooks are read by professional and amateur readers.