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The Bible is one of the two or three oldest books in the world, but unlike most of the ancient books, it is found not only in great libraries, but in almost every home of the civilized world; and it is not only studied by learned scholars, but read by the common people; and its many stories grasp and hold the attention of little children. Happy is that child who has heard, over and over again, the Bible stories until they have become fixed in his mind and memory, to become the foundations of a noble life. It is with the desire of aiding parents and teachers in telling these stories, and aiding children to understand them, also in the hope that they may be read in many schools, that a few among the many interesting stories in the Bible have been chosen, brought together and as far as necessary simplified to meet the minds of the young. TABLE OF CONTENTS WHY JESUS CAME TO THIS WORLD JESUS IS BORN IN BETHLEHEM THE BOYHOOD OF JESUS JOHN THE BAPTIST JESUS BEGINS HIS WORK SOME WORDS AND WORKS OF JESUS A FRIEND FOR THE SORROWFUL MORE WONDERFUL WORKS AND WORDS THE MAN BORN BLIND, AND LAZARUS THE PRODIGAL SON, AND OTHER STORIES THE LAST DAYS IN JERUSALEM THE CRUCIFIXION AND THE RESURRECTION SELECTED SONGS, PSALMS, AND PRAYERS Becoming Like Christ The Transfiguration Indiscreet Importunity Shame on Account of God’s Displeasure Naaman Cured The Lame Man at the Temple Gate And Much More