Safeguarding Your Family

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“Safeguarding Your Family's Health, Wealth & Happiness” provides all the essentials you must have so you’ll know the most important steps to take to keep your loved ones safe from harm. With this goldmine of information (100+ pages) you will discover 33 ways to stay safe from fire, poisons & other hazards at home 24 ways to ensure you are not the victim of car jacking & what to avoid when buying a car 28 ways to protect yourself from identity theft How to protect yourself from viruses and remove them from your computer. The 7 worst types of investments, and 4 of the best too 70 ways to protect yourself from natural disasters, heat, tsunamis etc... How to recognise a suicide bomber or potential terrorist How to prepare for and react to a terrorist attack (25 safety tips for you and your family) How to stay healthy and guard against the most common causes of death 15 common scams, how to recognise them & 14 steps to take if you are a victim 15 pages on how to protect yourself from drug addiction, common injuries & common health problems 10 tips to guard yourself against bird flu...and much more... Also includes an emergency contingency planner to ensure all your family is safe at all times.