Confessions Of A Followup Marketing Geek

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Here's How To START Making More Money From The Traffic You're Already Getting And STOP Leaving 80% Of Your Sales On The Table For Your Competitors To Claim. This guide was written for the little guy. But whether you're a little guy or not, you're about to discover .... A precise plain English 14-step "recipe" to creating a fully automated follow up email marketing system that does most of the work for you and maximizes sales from whatever amount of website traffic you're already getting. In-depth professional online training videos to help you kick off this powerful list building money-making system. Precise instructions on how to quickly write a 7-message follow up email series to promote any product or service (affiliate based or your own!) even if you think you can't write worth a lick. And much more! Also includes the bonus Mailing List Paychecks valued at 27.00!