5 Enviromental EBooks

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With gas prices soaring and the many environmental concerns consumers want to learn everything they can about these issues. Some of the things you will learn in these 5 Environmental EBooks are: “Scooters, Mopeds, and Other Fuel Efficient Vehicle” * Types of Fuel Efficient Vehicles * Bio-diesel power * Top gas powered cars that are fuel efficient “Gas Saving Devices: Fuel Saver or Consumer Scam?” * Oil and gas additives * Magnetic devices * Gas saving devices and product that can work “Hypermiling: How to Make Your Car Go Further with Less Gas” * What is hypermiling? * Why has Hypermiling become so popular recently? * Additional tips that can help your car go further with less gas “How to Live Green: Tips for Reducing Your Carbon footprint” * Recycling * Save as much power as possible * Organic gardening and lawn care “Renewable Energy: How to Harness the Power and Help the Future” * What is renewable energy? * Types of renewable energy * The future of renewable energy and so much more…