Wordpress Minisite Templates Package

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nnouncing the unique template that is called 'Flawless Reflection'. It's an edgy, highly-impactful sale page template with cutting-edge graphics. Inside: * The template is only using CSS for text formatting, including graphic boxes * The template is optimized for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari * Boost your sales - this template will create instant attraction that will result in lower bounce rate and increased trust and respect from your customers * Enjoy Wordpress flexibility; manage easily your sales pages using easy to use CMS. Save multiple sales pages and activate the one you want. * Don't know Wordpress? Watch my step-by-step detailed video trainings showing from start to finish how to install wordpress, install the theme and plugins, generate a sales letter template, add new elements to it and format the text, save the sales letter and enjoy the results! No more confusion! * Do you know Photoshop? Clearly folder separated layers in PSD file will help you to customize the design to your own needs. Installation takes only few minutes * Save tons of time with the sales page formatting because of the custom made WYSIWIG interface made especially for marketers needs. You will find all the necessary tools you need in seconds. * Add easily testimonial, video, new section boxes from the easy WYSIWIG interface * No coding skills necessary! Each box element can be filled with a few clicks! And much more