Do-It-Yourself Best Seller

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What you will learn inside this 10-part video course: How to properly define your audience and write a book that caters to their exact desires. The “real” money to be made in a book launch is not book sales. The one thing you must know when it comes to branding you and your book on social media sites. How to generate pre-launch buzz and get people anxious about buying. How to quickly and easily find all the content you need for your first book. The real secret to naming your book to guarantee it gets noticed. 5 cover design secrets that will absolutely make or break your book’s success. The sure fire way to waste money and effort on bad press releases… and what to do instead. and much, much more! This product contains 10 videos and over 120 minutes worth of content. Each video also excludes a PDF extraction of the key points covered in each lesson. Bonus - You also get a free copy of “Personal Branding” report which is a very important element when it comes to publishing a book. This video course will provide a ton of “aha” moments and true insights into the self publishing world.