Weight Loss Boot Camp Extreme

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If you want to lose weight, lots of weight, you need to wake up to a few cold hard unpalatable facts that explain why you got so fat, and how you're gonna go about getting thin again. This is a boot camp. It's gonna be hard but if you follow the weight loss boot camp extreme strategy then you will see results. With Weight Loss Boot Camp Extreme you're gonna develop your own weight loss plan. In Weight Loss Boot Camp Extreme, you're gonna learn, in ten fact packed lessons: Some fundamental truths about losing weight. You're gonna learn when to eat, and the big mistake most diets will have you making every day! Find out how much you're eating and why it always seems less than it really is. Why where you eat makes such a big difference. Learn the biggest mistake that most fat people make when they're eating - and what to do about it. The truth about the food you eat every day and how to combat the biggest scourge of today's diet. How to find the invisible ingredient in our food that makes us want more and more of it. Why we want fatty foods and what to do about them - and, crucially, how! The one part of our daily lives that makes a huge difference to our food requirements. Is exercise the answer? Find out some surprising facts that make exercising to lose weight a walk in the park.