Cleaner Earth Friendly Products Parsley Plus All Surface 22 oz.

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Parsley Plus from Earth Friendly Products 100% all natural all surface cleaner Great for use on countertops and appliances Clean with the power of parsley with Earth Friendly Products Parsley Plus all surface cleaner. Made with 100% all natural ingredients, Parsley Plus is ideal for counter tops, appliances, microwave ovens, floors, ceramic tile and any other surface not harmed by water. Just spray on the surface, wipe off and enjoy the clean. Formaldehyde free. Petrochemical free. Neutral pH. 1, 4 dioxane free. 22 FL. OZ. Ingredients: Purified water, biodegradable coconut based surfactant, and parsley essence. Directions: Spray directly on surface to be cleaned. Wipe with a lint free cloth or damp sponge. Be sure to spot test all surfaces in an inconspicuous area prior to use. CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. 100% All Natural!* 1,4-Dioxane Free. Formaldehyde Free. Petrochemical Free. Neutral pH. Does not contain SLS. *Cleaning agent derived from coconut oil.