Aesop's Fables Volume 5 (Fables 101-125) (Digital Download in MP3 Format Run Time 32 minutes)

Dating back to the 6th century BC, Aesop’s Fables tell universal truths through the use of simple allegories that are easily understood. Though almost nothing is known of Aesop himself, and some scholars question whether he existed at all, these stories stand as timeless classics known in almost every culture in the world. Contents: The Old Woman and The Wine-Jar The Lioness and The Vixen The Viper and The File The Cat and The Cock The Hare and The Tortise The Soldier and His Horse The Oxen and The Butchers The Wolf and The Lion The Sheep, The Wolf, and The Stag The Lion and The Three Bulls The Horse and His Rider The Goat and The Vine The Two Pots The Man and The Image Hercules and The Waggoner The Pomegranate, The Apple-Tree, and The Bramble The Lion, The Bear, and The Fox The Blackamoor The Two Soldiers and The Robber The Lion and The Wild Ass The Man and The Satyr The Image-Seller The Eagle and The Arrow The Rich Man and The Tanner The Wolf, The Mother, and Her Child Audio book in MP3 Format (Will play only on a MP3 Compatible Players, some players will not play MP3 files and the disks will appear blank, before ordering please make sure the player you will be using will read MP3 files.)