Volume 3 - "Diligent Dabbler"

This guide will put serious bucks in your bank! If you want to cut straight to the juicy cash sucking methods the smart and rich marketers use and skip the novice stuff, then this report will show you all! Like the title says, it's designed to help those "wanna-be-guru" marketers who love to dabble and tinker online to build some really cool cash cow systems! You'll discover 3 kick-butt methods in-depth including... blogging for bucks viral video windfalls, and the classic bum marketing method Some of the secrets I reveal are... What is Affiliate Marketing? And how can I make a fortune with right away? Why affiliate marketing is the perfect part-time business for the lazy internet beginner 7 Super Affiliate Marketing tips that fewer than half self-proclaimed super affiliates know Why the more you give away for free, the more money you can make How to get your first free blog(s) up and live within minutes 7 simple steps to profitable blogging - from choosing a niche to getting tons of free content for it to monetizing it 4 methods to get free traffic to your blog quickly and constantly Viral Video Marketing explained - why its a real no-brain cash method The best free video sharing websites and how to set up your accounts to make money The one-of-a-kind website service that makes stunning videos FOR you automatically! No video editing knowledge or software required! How to get targeted viewers watching your videos and how to get turn them into website visitors instantly The Bum Marketing Method explained in idiot's terms so you can use it to cash up right away without confusion The two types of keywords you MUST know - One will make you rich, the other will leave you broke (but still so many don't know this) Step-by-step long-tail keyword research explained in idiots terms and an illustrated example Examples of hot selling niches you can target today which are full of desperate buyers wanting to buy something now!