Niche Detector

The Secrets Of Finding A High Yield Niche Marketing Strategy Revealed! "Harness The Power Of Hyper-Accurate Niche Detection To Rapidly Swell Your Traffic- And Your Sales" If you've ever tried your hand at finding a "goldmine" niche, you've probably also found that process isn't as easy as they say. "Finding your niche is the easy part," you were told. You followed the steps, full of optimism and hope. It should have been easy. But it wasn't. In fact, it was downright confusing. What at first seemed so simple turned out to be far more complex than you thought. You discovered a peculiarly narrow line between: A niche that is so general your voice is totally "lost" in it A niche that is so narrow you run out of product ideas and things to say before you've barely started Get it wrong by just a hairsbreadth, and your niche sales stats are exiled to Siberia. "Why Does It Work For Others, But Not For Me?" But you persevere. (That's what makes you an entrepreneur.) You buy more eBooks than you'd like to remember. You sign up for a 'niche strategies' membership site (with monthly recurring payments that you have to indefinitely make). You spend a lot of time joining the usual forums without much to show for it (in spite of building good relationships). And through it all, you vainly keep on learning about finding your niche, and looking up articles on the net that never seem to tell you anything you didn't already know... The first thing you notice is that everyone seems to have a different formula. But the results of all this niche market research always seem to end up the same. So far, nothing has worked for you (that's probably why you're reading this letter, right?) You've done it all. Used a keyword tool. Found a likely keyword, with what they told you was a good "ratio" of monthly searches. But there you are, still watching your traffic barely trickle in. With conversions so low and infrequent, they might as well be at zero. You wonder if you're the only internet marketer that just can't get it right. Obviously, you're missing something. "Just wait a couple of months", you're told by your membership site moderator. "You just need to work a little bit harder". You wait. Then wonder what it is you're still doing wrong. You Don't Have To Struggle Any Longer To Find Those "Killer" Niches Have you ever wished there was a niche detector? One that would target niches within your highly specialized chosen market while tipping you off to solid, real techniques and strategies you need, to succeed? And wouldn't it be nice if your niche detector could also teach you how to discover: The one fabulous secret advantage that strong competition actually offers you The single most important fact you absolutely must check out before committing to a niche How to find those "goldmine" niches that send your traffic into hyperspace How to accurately identify and read the latest trends and always find the strongest buzz Where to discover little-known offline sources to increase your niche detection options - and accuracy The single most important "niche member" habit you need to find out first The one trait above all others your market needs to own Well, you can find out these vital facts. In the most focused, yet easy, way. The real truth is, the answer might be closer at hand than you think. Just Googling Your Major Competitors Won't Be Enough To Give You A Winning Niche That Keeps On Earning Do you know what the most common mistake new internet marketers (and ones who should know better) often make? Creating a product, and offering it to a base that is just too broad. For example: The "stay-at-home moms" market The travel industry Car enthusiasts Pet owners Women Teenagers DIY enthusiasts Computer users "But those are all valid niches", you argue. Wrong. What you're looking at is not the sort of niche you need - it's just a demographic. Your niche should be far more focused and specific - and highly targeted. And the real niches that are still waiting for you to discover them are all made up of the people who need your product. (Not the people you vaguely hope might like it.) Secret Niche Sources Most Internet Marketers Never Discover I can tell you one reason so shockingly few marketers today find that perfect niche. The one that brings in steady streams of income that leave you shaking your head in happy disbelief. Everyone's far too busy flitting to the next "attraction", distracted by the bombardment of enticing offers crossing their inbox thresholds. Telling them, "You need this"... So there they all are, busily learning the latest interactive media or social networking trend. Videos abound. Talking heads can be found at the end of every email link. You're told you need to social network more, so you spend your time on Facebook and MSN. You learn to Stumble upon and Twitter madly. I say, forget technology. (Oh, technology can be great - but learning to make videos won't help you find your most lucrative and fertile niche. Such tricks only work once you've got the traffic. And to capture stream after stream of traffic, you need to know exactly where and how to uncover the gems within your broad-based niche category. And which one of these tiny seeds will turn out to be like Jack's magic beanstalk. One that will grow and grow, leaving you dazed with delight (and just a little shocked) when you see the results flow magically in. Yes, There Is A Niche Detector - And It Can Show You How To Find Your Top Producing Niche It's not some fancy piece of expensive software. It's not some secret website. It's just a simple, 30 page report. But don't let that fool you... In one easy read, Niche Detector will have you owning a clear and straightforward map that will open your eyes to: 19 little-used offline sources to help you locate valuable and targeted niches How to identify which niches will actually produce rich results4 highly visible online sources you should never take for granted and ignore 12 "dead cert" tips that will show you how to find the problems your market really need solving 5 interactive arenas you can use to help you peek effectively behind the scenes My tested, tried and true formula will help you to: Learn the most effective way to research likely niches Learn to filter out ideas that look good on paper - but actually just won't work Learn how to expertly use resources that 95% of most other marketing hopefuls never even consider Learn how to rapidly rise to the top of your market And the beauty of my system is, for one single small investment, you can use my secrets again, and again - and again! Create Not One But Dozens Of Profitable Niches To Harvest Imagine waking up every morning, checking your stats and realizing that your dream of paying off your credit card debts and mortgage are actually within reach. Imagine your delight as you watch your bank account swell as if by magic, every month. And there's no monthly recurring membership you're forced to sign into in order to get the next piece of the puzzle. There's no complex system or software to buy. You're not going to shell out 2 or 3 hundred dollars - then discover you already knew everything you've just bought. Or that the complicated software plain doesn't work. When you think of it, this simple special report is probably the easiest investment you'll make this year.