...+Plus Authority

"Discover How To Harness The Power of Google+ To Build Your Authority, Community And Share Content..." If You're Not Using Google+ Then You're Missing Out On A Whole Lot of Free Traffic! "Not another social media site" you're probably thinking. Is Google+ here to stay or is it just a phase? Believe it or not, Google+ now outranks Twitter in terms of social media sites. It also has over 500 million members! What ever niche you're in, there's bound to be an audience out there who wants to hear from YOU. How would you like to tap into a crowd who are avid and engaging? You can, starting today! But you might also be asking... "Why Should I Care About Google+?" Unless you've been living under a rock for a while, you've probably at least heard of Google+. If you're a small business owner, Google+ may seem like a large question mark for you. Let's face it—it's a technological world we live in. You can live in the past, and keep your business where it's at, or you can move forward. The choice is up to you. With all the help available to you, however, there's no reason to be left behind. Google+ has given you a way to expand your business beyond your wildest dreams…you just have to be able to go for them! Introducing...+Plus Authority This book is going to show you how to use Google+ to build your authority, increase your community, and share your content with the rest of the world. You'll learn how to take advantage of all the features on Google+ and know how to make the many features work for you, but before you can even consider them properly, you need to know exactly what Google+ is. Here's what you'll discover in the +Plus Authority guide: •What is Google+ and how can you use it to build your authority, community and share your content? •How to use Google+ Circles to build relationships with people in your industry. •How to use Google Communities to start your own community and also gain lots of new readers. •Sharing on Google+ as a way to drive more readers to your blog or website. •The advantages of using Google+ for search domination. •The steps you can take to begin using Google+ for yourself and your business. •5 ways Google+ can help your business. •What is Google+ Hangouts and how can you take advantage of it? •...and much, much more!