CherryPy Essentials Rapid Python Web Application Development

Over the last few years, the boom that the World has experienced with the Internet breakthrough has pushed almost every programming language or platform to welcome the rise of web development toolkits, libraries, and frameworks. The Python programming language has grown a rather large list of these environments though apart from a few of them such as Zope and Twisted most have a fairly small community. It is in this context that CherryPy came into existence when RĂ©mi Delon, its creator, decided that he needed a tool that would work as he wanted for his own personal projects. He then released CherryPy under a free software license so that anyone could use, distribute, and contribute to the project. CherryPy is a Python library implementing the HTTP protocol, which is at the very core of the Web, using common Python idioms. On top of that CherryPy offers its own view and concepts on how to help a developer to build web applications while being minimally intrusive through its own simple and straightforward API. This book will guide you through the CherryPy library with the aim of giving you the key to make the best of it in your own web applications.
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