The BIG BOOK Of Network Marketing Compensation Plans!

"Do NOT Make The Mistake Of The Foolish Network Marketing Upline Who Lost THOUSANDS Of Dollars Because He Placed The Wrong Downline In The Wrong Leg!" Ignorance Of Network Marketing Compensation Plans Are One Of The Leading Causes Of Network Marketing Casualties! Learn The Mechanics Of Compensation Plans Even If You Cannot Pass A Math Or Statistics Exam In School! If you have been in network marketing for awhile, maybe you can ask yourself this question: •Do you ‘show the plan’ by yourself and you have practically memorized the entire compensation plan in your head… •OR are you clueless about your plan and you rely on your upline to show the plan for you? If you fall into the second category, let me tell you this… "People Who Do Not Have A Good Knowledge Of Network Marketing Compensation Plans Are Heading For A Huge Disaster!" I must admit, the majority of network marketers cannot even draw their comp plan even after being in the company for years! However, you must not remain naïve even though many leaders play down the role of the importance of understanding the comp plan. They think that it is not as important compared to the product or the team or the mindset. What if I told you that you could potentially lose hundreds to thousands of dollars because of your ignorance? Make no mistake about it! There are so many problems that could happen… consider: •Parking or placing your downlines in unfavorable positions resulting in loss commissions and missed pins! •Placing the good downline way beyond your pay level? You will earn virtually ZERO from their volume! •What if you place one friend under the wrong person resulting in competition amongst a group of close friends? •Are you positioned strategically under your upline? Does he or she have vested interest in building YOUR group? •Many other concerns too numerous to name! All these are important things to consider! Now you may or may not have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics or statistics, but let me assure you that it isn’t that difficult… all you need to do is let someone show you the way! "Introducing… The BIG BOOK Of Network Marketing Compensation Plans!" Finally, now YOU too can purchase a copy of this comprehensive compensation plans encyclopedia and get all the information you will need understand the mechanics! In This Book, You Will Learn: The basics of network marketing compensation plans, stuff like how to easily differentiate between a binary from a Unilevel! How to understand all the terminologies like leadership bonuses, push ups, auto-ships, placement structures, legs, width, depth and many more. IMPORTANT! How to place your downlines strategically so that you will be able to maximize all your earnings from that group for the rest of your LIFE! The techniques on how to select the best plan for a company you are about to choose. How to outwit and outsmart even other seasoned network marketing reps in other companies by knowing their plan better than they do! How to use effective strategies to motivate all your downlines using the network marketing compensation structure! And so much more!