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Business Branding and planning.

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Welcome from New Zealand. Surfing and Earning since 2010. My name is Maree Wells. I am updating this sales package, as so much has changed since first offering it in my ECA Store in 2013. If you live in Christchurch New Zealand. I offer free coffee training mornings. Explode your triple clicks website Globally. Learn all their is to know about business branding and planning. You have your SFI business. You have a free website. NOW you need to generate income and sales. This can not be achieved without a sales lead generating plan set in place. The internet can be a very dangerous place if you are new to affiliate marketing. Promises of wealth and fortune over night. Never happens. Receive with this package. 1.. E Book Business Planner. 2.. E Book Business Branding. 3.. Receive a link to my Daily Working On line down line builder schedule. 4.. Promoting of your Rewardical Store added to my Cash Back Shopping Page. 5.. Shout outs of your products for sale at my Facebook groups. Receive a link to receive my Weekly Newsletters and training course. By the end of the course, you should be quite the expert, learning all their is to know about affiliate marketing. I have designed these E Books and training page so I hold the copyright to them. How it works. We are a group of individuals that belong to GDI. Using them as the domain provider to design our support pages for our team. Given all our referrals access to our training pages even when we are off line. We use these solely to promote and build our SFI down lines. I am gathering all members from SFI to join our face book group and support each other online.. We are a group of individuals listing all our reviews on products we have purchased at the one location. Via Our Face book group I will introduce you to. Imagine if we all connected with each other. At our face book group. We could connect with local members, talking to individual customers supporting each other with sales and training. We will be earning some serious dollars monthly. We all would be helping other members building their business while at the same time building ours. If you have a Rewardical or ECA store I will add your store with a review to my new shopping page I am developing. YOU must sell physical products to be listed. I always say Readers Make Future Team Leaders.