Power Email Marketing - How To Consistently Provide Value For Your Customers

“Stop Doing Email Marketing The Wrong Way: At Last! You Can See Those Conversions Increase To Double Digits! Let's face it, getting those much needed conversions has become tougher to do. Every day you’re faced with a challenge to keep coming up with those hypnotic emails that will make sure members don’t go right away to that link at the bottom of your email. And while there are endless books, courses, and seminars you can take on e-mail marketing, most are either “lite” on REAL strategies to accomplish your goal and therefore a waste of your time and money… … Or, they’re not based in reality – taught by someone who isn’t actually “living it” day to day like you! But now there's good news… Recently a long-lost report by a highly acclaimed email marketing guru has been re-discovered. His work is the secret resource many top marketers use to perfect their skill. And now YOU can discover… Power Email Marketing - How To Consistently Provide Value For Your Customers This newly released work is the quickest and easiest way to learn email marketing. Inside this magnificent work you'll learn the importance of follow up and consistency in your emails. Here’s absolutely everything any online marketer would need. The work is divided up into comprehensive sections: Section I: Why You Need to Follow Up with Your Customers Your Follow Up Plan The Power of Follow Up 3 Key Ways Following Up Benefits Your Business Making Your Reputation Ignoring the Obvious The One Follow Up Step that’s Easy to Miss Exactly What Is “Follow Up”? Beyond Consistency Thinking Like Your Customer Balance Putting It Together Section II: 1. The Email Series 2. The Personal Follow Up 3. The “Blast from the Past” email 4. The Newsletter Strategy 5. Don’t Forget the Snail 10 Focused Follow Up Tips 10 Biggest Follow Up Mistakes Overcoming Your Fear of Selling Plus much more! As you can see, this really is the ultimate tutorial for email marketing but until now it was nearly lost forever. (Even if you consider yourself already a seasoned internet marketer, you'll benefit immensely from this report. Just imagine being able to jot down right away that email and sending it out fast, and then letting your sales funnel do the rest of the work for you. You’ll just be hearing “ka-ching” the next day.