Mini Maree Designs Starter Kit 2. Kiwi's Resell on your ECA website. Or purchase made to measure.

Retail Price: $475.00
You Save: $240.00 (51%)
Welcome to Maree Designs Great investment. start building your new business today. Or just purchase the stock to be made to your individual requirements. Huge discounted special. Four great garments. A must for every summer wardrobe. Helping Kiwi's expand their SFI business. No product to sell. Become a Maree Designs Rep. Great way to get your ECA website up and running. Starting your New Business working from home. The benefits great product to sell. Tap into my client base throughout NZ. I use to sell at the Christchurch Art centre. Due to the earthquake I now solely work from home. I decided not to reopen another shop. Instead I transferred my store to Triple Clicks. Now I am ready to expand. Helping other kiwi's earn a second income working from home. Selling my Maree Designs Collection at their local markets and Via there ECA websites. Great way to get stall holders interested in signing up and joining you at Triple Clicks. I will also be listing some great bargains you can purchase and resell at your ECA website. I have purchased some great fabric at great discount prices, I will be passing on to my customers. You will receive one off originals at crazy reduced prices. Huge earning potential. Motto: No matter what shape or size, everyone is entitled to look great. Specialist for the fuller figure. You will find gorgeous garments designed and made by a New Zealand designer with 20 years experience, satisfaction guaranteed. I have put together A great Maree Design Mini Starter Kit. Hold a coffee morning invite your friends and family to see your new venture. Finance a problem. Pay Via Local Pay and we can set up a payment plan over six weeks. ADDED Bonus. Show my website as well to everyone. Letting them know of your goal with your new Venture. YOU earn the 20% commission on any sales you purchase VIA the option Local Pay Basics. Order the items your friends want then select using the Local Pay Option. You collect the money. Keep 20% and pay the remaining balance into my Kiwi bank. Email me the individual addresses for customers and I will do all the posting. You just sit back and collect the money. Must verify within 48 hours of making purchase. Great way to start building your stock to sell. Reinvesting the 20% to purchase my clothing. Feel confident in the knowledge that I have 20 years experience in designing and manufacturing. Stand out in the crowd, in a Maree Designs classic. I design garments to be loose fitting and stylish at the same time. You will receive similar garments you see listed in your Mini Starter Kit. I design the starter kits for each order. So you receive classic garments with that individual flavor. If you would like a few of the garments made to individual measurements. Reply and I will make them to order. Presentation is the key. Wearing what you are selling. Maree Design Starter Kits Recommend Retail Prices. Panel Breeze sleeves. Lrg Bust 120cm 89.00 Swing Tier Mesh XLrg Bust 145cm 129.00 Baby Doll Long lace Tier Bust 120cm 99.00 Purple stretch Midi. LCent Bust 120cm 69.00 Lace tye jacket. Bust 120cm 89.00
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