The Men's Fitness Exercise Bible

To all the people who claim they don’t have the time or equipment to exercise. Sorry, but you can never use that excuse again. If you've ever been frustrated by fitness plans in the past or found yourself dropping out because of a lack of results, a lack of time, or because your routine call ed for equipment that wasn't available on a regular basis, this book i s for you. If you want to see progress immediately and feel yourself getting stronger and leaner by the day, this book is for you. If you want to take the gains you've reached and turbocharge them, this book is for you. If you want the perfect workout for the time you have, the equipment you have, and the goals you have, this book is for you. And most important: If you want total confidence that the workout you’re doing is the absolute best possible workout, bar none, this book is for you. Unlike other exercise books that give you unyielding systems incapable of adapting to time or equipment constraints, or that simply li st hundreds of exercises but don’t tel l you how to meld them into a cohesive workout, this book i s different. Like a Swiss Army knife, it’s a multifaceted tool that adapts to provide you with the results you want, no matter the circumstances.